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Which Supermarkets Accept EBT Online?

EBT cards are very similar to debit cards. EBT can be referred to as Electronic Benefits Transfer. It allows you to pay retailers when you have purchased certain food items from them. It is available for those of them who are recipients of government assistance. But the real question is, can an EBT card be used to pay in a supermarket through an online medium? There are various supermarkets that have made it possible recently. Let us look at some of those supermarkets:


Walmart has made it possible to pick up your groceries with the help of EBT ever since 2017. In fact, it is one of the first organizations in the US that has made it possible to get these services. In most of the locations, you will be able to make online EBT payments as well. You just have to save the details regarding your EBT card under “Payment methods”. It will allow you to go through different modes of payment as well. But one thing that it will make sure is that you won’t have to waste your time filling up the details all over again when you visit Walmart to shop for something.


SNAP recipients get a major benefit through Amazon as well. They can pay online for the food items that they have bought and all of it is possible with the help of an EBT card. Generally if you want to make Amazon fresh grocery delivery, you need to have a Prime membership to get such services. When you have an EBT card, you’re not really required to have prime membership services. So you can access all kinds of food that is available through Amazon and the payment options are great as well.


Aldi is another one of those online platforms which makes it possible for you to purchase grocery items without moving out of your house. As far as SNAP recipients are concerned, this is another one of the platforms which would make sure that the purchases are taken care of with EBT and the online payment option is available as well. Most of the time, SNAP recipients find it hard to buy stuff online as EBT online payment is not available on most of the platforms. It is not the same case with Aldi where you can pay online with the help of an EBT card.

Food Lion

Food Lion has made it sure that the EBT cardholders are able to pay through this medium and then can be able to do it online. There are nine different states all over the US where a Food Lion store is available. You can go to any of these stores and buy grocery items for you. Has it been hard for you to pay online with the help of EBT cards? Food Lion will decrease the burden big time by accepting EBT card payments through online medium. It would mean that SNAP recipients don’t have to pay out of their pockets in order to buy things related to daily needs.


Q1: What is an EBT card and how is it useful?

EBT card is available for those who have got SNAP benefits. SNAP refers to a supplemental nutrition assistance program which is available for a particular section of the society. With the help of EBT cards, you can make payments and get some benefits.

Q2: Can you use an EBT card in a supermarket?

Yes, you can use EBT cards in different supermarkets. There are a number of platforms available which makes it possible for you to buy grocery stuff with the help of EBT cards. It includes the likes of Amazon, Walmart etc.

Q3: Can an EBT card be obtained by everyone?

No, EBT cards can be obtained by a particular section of the society. It is available for those who are eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

With the availability of online payments through EBT cards in so many supermarkets, SNAP recipients would find it easy to buy grocery items. Without this feature, SNAP recipients had to rush to a grocery store nearby and hope that EBT cards would be eligible there. Now that online payments are possible too, you can order the food items online without wasting your time to go to a nearby supermarket!

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