Problogger Qualities

How to Start a Successful Blog?

Creating your own blog or website has never been easier. Most people don’t realize just how many tools/programs are available to make the process simple enough that someone without any technical knowledge can do it with ease.

Problogger Qualities

In this article, I hope to show you just how easy it can be.


Step #1: Picking Your Domain Name

The first step when starting a blog or website is to pick the website URL at which people can access your website.

For example:

Facebook’s domain name is

Choose a .com if possible

I always recommend that people go with the .com, and the reason being is that most non-tech savvy people assume that .com is the standard for websites. The only exception would be if you are starting a website that is only intended for a particular country. In that case you should go with the version for that country (, .ca,, etc)

How to Get Your Domain

The first step when picking a domain name is to verify that the one you would like is available. To do this, simply head over to and type in your desired domain name. This tool will let you know if your domain is available, and if it’s not, it will suggest similar names.

Step #2 – Hosting your Website

After you’ve purchased your domain name, it’s time to pick a web hosting provider.

What is web hosting?

Think of a web host like renting a storefront. A domain name would be the name of your online business, and the hosting would be your storefront. Hosting is paid on an annual or monthly basis and typically costs around $100 dollars per year.

I recommend using either BlueHost or HostGator as they make the process very simple and have “How-to’s” to walk you through the process.

Step 3: Designing Your Website

Despite what you might think, designing a website doesn’t require any technical know-how. I recommend installing WordPress from within your hosting provider (your hosting provider will have simple instruction on how to do this).

Once WordPress is installed, you just need to pick a website theme.

What is a website theme?

Think of a theme as a pre-made template for your website. It takes all the design work out of designing a website.

When you’re in WordPress just head over to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New.

(You can also browse ThemeForest if you’d like to buy a premium theme)

Then browse the themes available and select whichever best suits your website, and voila!

Once you’ve added a theme to your blog, you are ready to start blogging to your hearts content.

As you can see, designing a website no longer needs to be difficult and by utilizing available tools, just about anybody can create one!