Best SEO Practices to Improve Your SEO Traffic

There are about 4,100,667,287 number of internet users as of January,2019.

Also, about 4 million blog posts are published every day!

And after knowing the fact that 75% of the internet users confine themselves to the first page of their Google search, how do we drive more traffic on our page??

How do we procure the number 1 ranking??

Of course, there are various possible mediums to do so, but the most efficient and affordable one for all the kinds of fishes in the pond is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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In this article, we are going to present you with the best ways that will help to boost your SEO traffic, which will ultimately increase your SEO ranking by a significant number.


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Okay! So, First Things First. Do not forget the owner of your platform. Do not forget and disrespect google. it is google who owns it, Therefore, we need to play by its rules. Google has been kind enough and handed us with the gift named,

“Following the General Guidelines will help Google find, index, and rank your site.”

– Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Unwrap the gift and use it wisely. These guidelines crystal -clearly tells you the things Google approves of and not.

Read them carefully and bring it to practice. This is the easiest step to follow.

Obey and you will shine!

Use the tools provided by Google to configure your website. With the passing days, there are more and more tools available to you. It is on you how and what you use. Make the most of the available resources.



Stay fresh!

Stay in the competition!

One of the key techniques is to keep your site updated. Post regularly.

Brainstorm your mind and bring the fresh content to your readers. The more you update, the more Google would notice you.

And ultimately, that is what we want right?

Catch its the attention by your activity. You gotta be frequent buddy!

Be an active participant in this race. Post frequently about the amazing topics.


Outstanding content– that is what you need to create, the content that supersedes the existing material. Look at other people’s work, learn from them, get inspired, and then aim to create something that brings forth the new perspectives and angles to the audience. Create quantity-with-quality-abundant site. Create content that hooks up your readers to your website and prompts them to visit your site again and again.
Create content which is possible to be linked within your site as well as on other sites. Attract not just customers but also the other bloggers who would willingly link your work on their page.


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According to a survey, approximately 1.94 billion websites are currently being operated in the world. It would be wise for you to find out your level and competition instead of aiming without a clear goal.

Do your research and find out where you stand and what your target is.

Who is your audience?

Strategizing and focusing on a particular market will improve your efficiency and success rate. Instead of flapping your fins all around, find the right place. Know your audience, their preferences, the market, your level, and then hit hard.

Suppose you have started an e-magazine. You cannot expect to beat the existing top notch magazines such as Forbes in your beginner’s stage. So niche things down. Start from the local level and reach the top.

Now, you should think about the appropriate keywords to incorporate into your posts.


The keywords & keyword tracker tool are an indispensable tool of the online marketing landscape. Keywords are practically the catalysts for your ranking, but they would not worth a penny if you don’t choose them correctly. So, it is important for you to spend your time carefully while choosing the right keywords for your blogs & niche edits. Choose keywords that are neither too small nor too long. The one-word keywords may not bring any results since most of the major websites have already gobbled up their effectiveness.

Try using various keyword search tools and keep track of the keywords you intend to use.

One of the tricks to follow is aim for the keywords that are not too popular and yet common among the users. Such keywords increase the traffic on your site.


On page SEO is a must –do to acquire traffic and engagement and climb the ladder to the better ranking. Optimize your page with right keywords. For on page SEO, create good content. Use tags, URLs, links and image texts. All these are helpful in page optimization. Use Meta descriptions and Meta links. They can increase up to 10% of the traffic on your page. Use all the sources available to you. Create engaging content that is not plain and boring. Just like balanced diet is a requirement for a healthy body, engaging content is a requirement for a healthy and active website. You have to try to mix and match various forms of content. Incorporate videos, images, gifs, header tags, alt tags, Meta descriptions and right keyword in your blogs. Try to create a network of internal links.


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Do Not Underestimate the Power of off Page Search Engine Optimization!

Build links like you build relationships. Build links as much as possible. This means more exposure to your work, more opportunities for new viewers and more chances of increasing traffic.

In fact, Google ranks it under top 3 extremely important ways to maintain your ranking. You don’t just need to climb to the top, but you have to stay there, and that is where off page SEO with like manual blogger outreach comes in handy.

Stay active on forums, try to get mentions from reputed sites, answer the viewers’ questions not only on your site but on the other website pages as well. These are the ways to remain in the game. If somebody opens a blog post on any website even after a year of the publication, there is a chance that they may click on your provided link and you may get a new customer.


It is not a one day work- it takes time; all you need to do is put your efforts smartly, and efficiently. These ways may not bring you instant success but they will be helpful in the long run. The correct usage will bring the desired results.

So fear not!

Break a leg!

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