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What Makes the Samsung Galaxy 9 Note the Best Note Yet?

Samsung releases a slew of phones every year, offering them at multiple price points and running mobile deals on them every now and then.

However, the two Samsung phones that the industry and users await with bated breath every year are the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones.

The Galaxy Note 9 was released in August 2018, and as expected, is the best Note yet by Samsung. What makes the Samsung Galaxy 9 Note different from previous Note devices?

If you’re on the Note 8 and considering upgrading to the Note 9, the following information shall help you decide whether a switch makes sense.

Internal Upgrades

Inside the Samsung Galaxy 9 Note, you will find multiple upgrades over the Note 8. The Snapdragon 835 has been upgraded with the 845 – in some countries, it’s the Exynos 9810 replacing the Exynos 8895. This means snappier overall performance, improved connectivity, and better graphics. RAM is the same at 6GB, but the 512GB model Note 9 has 8GB RAM.

However, the upgrade that makes the Note 9 worthwhile is the 4,000 mAh battery. The Note 8 had a paltry (by a Note’s standards) 3,330 mAh battery.

Samsung learned its lesson and packed in a much bigger cell so that the Note 8’s biggest flaw wasn’t replicated with the Note 9. However, the bigger Note 9 initially had its share of sceptics as the Note 7 battery fiasco was still fresh in people’s minds.

Fortunately, the Note 9 passed the litmus test as there have only been nice things said about Note 9’s powerpack.

Marginally Bigger Screen

The Note 9 is identical to the Note 8 in terms of physical footprint, but the newer Note has a 0.1 inch bigger screen. This may not necessarily make things look bigger on the Note 9, but the smaller bezels that help accommodate the slightly bigger screen make the newer phone look a lot more modern.

Fingerprint Sensor Placement

One of the biggest complaints with the Note 8 was the awkwardly placed fingerprint scanner. It was positioned right next to the camera and was also too high for users to access with their index finger. Samsung realised it error with the fingerprint sensor placement on the Note 8 and therefore pushed it down on the Note 9. The new position is not just easier to hit but is also separate from the camera module, which should avoid accidentally touches on the camera.

S Pen

A Galaxy Note is not a Note without its stylus. And with the Note 9, Samsung added a lot more features to its S Pen. For the first time, the S Pen is Bluetooth-supported. This means the S Pen could take photos and videos. In other words, you could press and/or hold down on the pen to take a picture, switch camera, record video, etc. without having to touch the phone. Also, the S Pen stylus comes in different colours.

Live Message

The Note 9 also amalgamates an animated GIF and Live Message for the first time on a Note. It was previously available on a Galaxy S device. In fact, it was introduced with the Galaxy S9 series that was released earlier in 2018. AR Emoji isn’t something that’s loved by all. But if you are a fan and you want it on a Note device, you have it with the Note 9.


The Galaxy Note 9 may not be a huge contrast from the Note 8.

However, the changes that have been incorporated – such as the battery, stylus functionality, more powerful CPU, and increased storage space – could matter to those who are looking for an all-round Note device that checks all the right boxes.

The Galaxy Note 9 has been out for quite some time now. In fact, the Galaxy Note 10 is waiting for launch in a few weeks. If you want to buy the Note 9, this is probably the best time to grab one as you would currently find the best mobile deals on it.

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