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5 Productivity Advantages When Using A Monitoring Software On Your Workforce

With today’s data protection needs, monitoring software is becoming increasingly common in the workplace. However, most business owners don’t realise that there are actually some major productivity advantages to using employee monitoring systems.

It isn’t about simply watching and recording every move of staff. While most software does do this too, other features and the effect of knowing the software is active, have a positive effect on the workforce overall.

In this article, we will look at what we consider to be the top productivity benefits of using this kind of system, and they are benefits that will be an advantage for any company, no matter whether a startup or large and established enterprise.

5 Productivity Advantages When Using A Monitoring Software On Your Workforce 1

Our Top 5 Productivity Advantages of Employee Monitoring Software

Monitoring software is often considered to be used to catch out staff breaking the rules, or to deter staff from breaking rules in the first place. However, there are actually many positive uses for this kind of software, including some great productivity advantages:

Increase Productivity of Staff Members

When you staff members know that their work is monitored, they tend to work harder. They know that although there might not be someone watching at that exact moment, that their actions can be reviewed at any time. If you have performance based incentives, this can have a huge impact on motivation and focus for your entire team.

Increased Accuracy

Being watched means that you are more careful about what you do. Shortcuts and quick fixes may seem OK normally, but when the boss is watching, they aren’t such an attractive solution. Also, as everything is monitored, if your company invoices based on hourly rates, you can accurately track work and bill clients fully for all the hours your team spent on their project.

Catch Errors Before They Do Harm

By getting alerted to key errors and issues, as well as regular report updates, it means that management can focus on the things that matter. So, instead of trying to monitor everything, they can instead intervene when mistakes that could delay things or cost the company money are about to be made, or in progress. This also lets the staff work without interruption, except for when management is required.


Reports, alerts, actions can all be setup with employee monitoring software. This means that creating reports for individual staff, productivity, company figures, and even application usage can often be put together almost instantly with just a few selections from the employee monitoring software’s dashboard. What’s more, the separate configuration of VPNs, URL filtering, and more will all be included and setup by the software server, freeing up staff for other duties.


This doesn’t seem like a productivity advantage, but it really is. By protecting the companies data, and the company itself from possible lawsuits, employee monitoring software prevents a lot of hours of wasted time and possibly small fortunes spent on lawyers.

These are the main productivity advantages of using monitoring software on your workforce, but there are far more overall advantages to these kinds of systems. When implemented in a positive way, staff will normally accept that they are being monitored, especially when the protections in place are highlighted. Add some bonuses and incentives connected with their recorded results, and they might even find it fun!

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