PlayStation 4 vs PC Gaming: What’s the Difference?

The debate whether gaming on the PlayStation 4 or PC is better have been around for a long time now and today to help you better differentiate on what the difference between gaming on the PlayStation 4 and PC is, we are here with a PlayStation 4 vs PC Gaming comparison.

The PlayStation 4 have been the preferred gaming console of choice for people who wish to buy the best gaming console out there as they just want to enjoy some awesome games, without the need to be concerned about the hardware specifications and compatibility. Also check sixaxis controller apk for android. However, the PC have been preferable for people who wants to have the best machine out there with all the hardware capabilities powerful enough to run almost any games you throw at it. Despite this major difference, one common element of playing video games on either the PlayStation 4 or PC have been that both requires a good gaming monitor for you to enjoy the best gameplay experience.

Which is Best for Gaming: PlayStation 4 or PC?

Console gaming have always been about its simplicity. You just buy a console and start gaming. Being the best and highest-end gaming console out there, the PlayStation 4 offers the best that can be expected from a gaming console.

Powering the PS4 console is the custom-made AMD Jaguar processor with 8 cores and is built on the x86-architecture, the GPU used is the AMD Radeon 1.84 TFLOPS graphics engine. The PS4 also features 8GB DDR5 RAM and either 500GB or 1TB of storage space.

Keeping the PS4 hardware specs aside, the sheer volume of games supported by the console and its gaming experience is what really matters. With the latest PlayStation Now service, you can even play older generation PS3 games on your PS4 console which is an added advantage. The game controllers with its unique design and in-game features make sure that you are enjoying the best gaming experience possible. All of these with a price tag that begins at just $399 is another major reason why a lot of gamers out there prefer the PS4.

Compared to the base price of the PS4, a high-end graphics card, for example the Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z itself costs $2999. Add that to the costs for the additional components needed for a gaming PC can give you an idea on why only the craziest and most hardcore gamers who need the best performance and graphic output possible, go for a gaming PC instead of a PS4.

But once the cost factor is out, the gaming experience is indeed stellar on a gaming PC. Within the comforts of your keyboard, mouse and headphones, you can have one of the best gaming experiences possible, but still does not offer you the comforts of the couch, does it?

Final Words:

The ending of this article is very clear from the above content itself. If you are someone who want to enjoy a gaming experience from within the couch and without spending thousands of dollars on a gaming PC, then the PS4 is a perfect and the best choice for you.

Instead, what you care the most about is graphic details and frame drops, then buying a gaming PC is the only possible solution to satisfy you.

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