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PDFBear’s File Rotation Tool: The Complete Guide

PDF files, whether it’s a document taken from a scanner or downloaded from the internet, there are times when the pdf is a bit crooked. Don’t worry as it’s not your fault or theirs.

All that matters is that you can modify the document to its proper viewing angle.

And the best place to do that is PDFBear’s File Rotate tool online. Because of it, things couldn’t get any easier.

The Best Tool for Rotating PDF Files

Users can make many modifications to their PDF files when it comes to using PDFBear’s rotation.

If your document is tilted on either side, you can adjust the file’s angle with the only tool that PDFBear provides.

The online tool is user-friendly and can get the job done within seconds. There are a few steps needed to be done in order to get the result that you want.

However, there’s no need to concern yourself with technicalities as the tool is as easy as it gets. You only need to drag the file to an empty space and allow you to rotate PDF and save the file into your desktop afterward. Nevertheless, here’s a complete guide to using PDFBear’s online pdf rotating tool. It only takes four simple steps to rotate your pdf file.

Step 1: Selecting the Document You Want to Modify

Whether it’s Firefox, Edge, Chrome, or Opera, the service can be accessed with any browser, and of course, with any operating system.

Go to the browser you prefer and go search for the PDFBear pdf rotate tool and open it. From here, users can either click on the ‘Select Files’ or drag the pdf into the open box provided.

Step 2: Modifying the Document to The Desired Angle

After the first step, the site is going to analyze the document, and you can now tile the pdf file to your desired angle.

Then, circular arrows around the document would suddenly appear.

You can rotate the document freely to be more precise again, but there’s also an option to rotate the document in 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

Step 3: The Finishing Touches

After modifying the pdf document and choosing the best angle, you can now click ‘Apply’ to start with the whole process of rotating the file. The site is popularly known for giving the best and easiest way to modify a pdf file in addition to having the most advanced online solution for pdf documents overall.

Step 4: Download the Finished Product

The whole process of rotating the pdf document takes place in the site’s cloud.

You are provided with the most secure and the swiftest action for your modified pdf files.

After finishing the previous steps mentioned above, you now have the capability to download the finished product.

Do take note that whatever changes made to the document will be applied permanently.

Numerous Features in Its Arsenal

Aside from the convenient pdf rotation tool that you can easily access online on the website, there are many more features that PDFBear can do.

The site has delighted more than millions of its daily users with its helpful and convenient tools.

Moreover, users can completely use the tools provided for free while giving security to the confidentiality of your documents.


By any method, PDFBear is the best available right now when it comes to modifying your document, such as rotating your PDF file to the desired angle.

Aside from offering many other features, the best part about PDFBear is that the program won’t require its users to pay to have access to it all. Not a single penny will be spent here.

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