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iPhone Spy App : The best solution to Control the use of iPhone

Do you want to know what your children do on their iPhones but your children do not allow you to get close?

Are you afraid that your employees may be abusing their company iPhones to contact their rivals or leak confidential information?

Need an iPhone spy app to track your iMessage, GPS location, emails, and social networks on your iOS devices remotely without any hindrance?

In this article, you’ll get the answer!


You need an iPhone spy app

Apple always releases new updates in every short span of time, which tend to block the installation of strange software or spyware.

However, as much as Apple’s best attempt to seal these holes, there is always a way out.

A good number of spy applications require that you perform a release on an iPhone before the application can function. The negativity of this process is that it increases the chances of being discovered while you are spying. The reason behind this argument is the fact that you will be required to have the target iPhone in your hand before you release. A good spy application should be versatile enough to cover each of your fingerprints.

Also, you’re spying on someone else’s private life and it’s just “right” that you’re covered at all costs.

There are a lot of iPhone spy app options today

There are a lot of options among iPhone spy app products today – and in every price range, it seems from spyware products that have a wide range of features (and corresponding prices), to low-cost products or even free software with limited functionality.

As usual, it is very much a matter of “getting what you pay for,” but there are some very robust monitoring applications that offer the basics at a very attractive price, giving users an acceptable compromise between functionality and cost. iKeyMonitor is one of these products. This iPhone spy app offers almost all the basic features you would expect from a keylogger / spy application at a very attractive price. For those on a tight budget, iKeyMonitor may be the best choice of monitoring software available.

Why you need to consider iKeyMonitor as your iPhone spy app

Marketed primarily as a keystroke recorder (keylogger), iKeyMonitor does it very well and offers much more. In fact, it is a top-class keylogger with most of the features of a cell phone spy application, so it is a kind of hybrid product that covers the basics of both quite adequately.

The keylogger function allows you to recover passwords and record all keystrokes. The other features give you access to chats, emails, web browsing history and much more. Its features include:


This central feature allows you to record every keystroke entered on the target device, including the ability to recover passwords – even those with hidden characters. You can also see the texts pasted with the iKeyMonitor keylogger. Other keylogger features include time recording and date information in relation to the keystrokes performed, as well as the registration of the application used.

Being able to recover passwords is a powerful surveillance function, of course!

SMS tracking

With iKeyMonitor, you will have access to all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, along with times, dates and phone numbers.

Often, a person’s SMS history can reveal key information about their private life.

Web Activity recording

If you have concerns that a child or employee is accessing the wrong types of websites, or that you may simply be spending too much time online, this feature can be very useful. iKeyMonitor records the URLs, along with the date and time of information, of any website visited through Safari.

WhatsApp Message recording

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, especially among young people. iKeyMonitor allows you to view the content of WhatsApp messages along with contact information, time and date.

Chat monitoring

iKeyMonitor allows the user to control all chat messages written to the target device. View sent chat messages (along with time, date and contact data) from the device via Facebook, Skype messaging and more than a dozen other chat platforms.

And many more…

Whichever iPhone spy app you choose, make sure it’s completely safe and comes from a trusted developer. Sometimes you need to pay more to get the quality you should get. Some cheap software is not capable enough to monitor various complex activities that can be done by an iPhone device.

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