10 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone

Spyware apps are the online available software that helps people keep track of their loved ones. People might want a spy app if they want to know their kid’s activities. If you are a business owner, you might need to know what your employee speaks about you behind your back. This spy phone apps post covers the top 10 spy phone apps.


Built with excellent technology and artificial intelligence, the Safespy Android spy app is a benefit for all those who are having difficulties in their personal and professional relationships. Using its secrecy and accurate phone spying technology, you can find out every secret fact about your target person. The best part is that it’s not like stealing someone’s space or privacy they might know. The other person will have no idea that their activities have been monitored. 10 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone 1

A Risk-Free Job with Safespy

Before Safespy was made into this world, people were oppressed to take the help of fake Android spy apps that work by rooting activity. Now if you don’t know what’s unsuitable with this technology, know that the use of this technology can lead to negotiated phone security and decrease performance. These are the least of the faced troubles.

The possibilities of getting cheated with Safespy are zero as you will be able to have real-time data of your target’s phone from far away. Try it, and you will see what wonders it can do for you.


Using this app, users can source data from both Android devices and the more compact iOS devices. The Minspy app keeps a record of call logs, record messages, social media activities. A major plus point of Minspy is that it is designed for the absolute beginner user, so they don’t have to spend hours attempting to figure out how it works. It traces virtually all data on the target’s device. You do not have to download any application to use Minspy on your device.

10 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone 2

It is very convenient, as it has an online dashboard that can be managed from any browser you prefer to use. Minspy has a decent customer support program. Users can also have a live chat with the support team for any queries or raise a ticket if they need extra assistance.


Spyic is that can be ranked after Safespy. It has a wonderful interface that can be handled to get each kind of data on the target’s phone.

What Makes Spyic So Popular?

To use Spyic, there is NO requirement to root or jailbreak the target phone. All the features of Spyic are right there on your screen and you can reach there with a single click. You don’t need to spend minutes trying to find any features. Spyic is also cheap and you would feel that it is almost free. You can get this cool app and you don’t need to perform any programming at all.

10 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone 3


Spyier is a broadly used spy app that helps in spying on the target without him knowing. It displays features on its handy dashboard, which is very easy to access and use. This spying app displays the steps of the target and neighborhoods around the area of the target phone.

10 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone 4

If any of the data gets deleted on the target phone, this app will still display it and help the user to spy on deleted data. The application can perform multiple spying activities on the target phone. The application also gives the messages transferred through target Android or iPhone devices. If any data is shared on social media platforms, the app will also get it.


Neatspy is also good in the spying app lineup. It can perform the data tracking activities without any lacking, and it works without requiring to make modifications to the target device. Creating a neatspy account is very easy. You can log in to the account using a browser. Surely, Neatspy is a good app over its competitors and it consistently delivers some great results.

10 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Without Target Phone 5


ClickFree is promoted as a leading app for clear-cut phone tracking and monitoring. The App enables you to discreetly keep close tabs on just about any device with your web browser.

Click free offers quick monitoring updates, privacy features and security plus reliability. It has a secure connection with one-click installation. Clickfree is totally safe and free, but there are none really, giving the features it offers for free.


SpyFone has a short user base, but it is developing with time. The app spies on relevant information displayed on the target phones. It improves the user’s App messages access to the photos, documents, videos, and links received or shared by the target person.

SpyFone is easy to set up and no installation is needed on the target device. But it’s not as effective as other apps in competition.


It is a parental control application that tracks children’s phone activity when installed. It assures that they do not slip into any dangerous circumstances. It remains undetected on both iOs and Android devices.

The Pros are that it can track location, messages, social media apps, etc. And it has a quick installation and transparent mode. And, the cons are jailbreak and rooting of the mobile device.


Another free spy app for Android without needing a target phone is the SpyBubble app. It secretly reads the data and location statistics of the target phone. This data is uploaded on a control panel that can be accessed online. With SpyBubble, you can view SMS history, call history, and the location history of the target device. It displays text messages as a record in a way that makes them hard to follow. This app is compatible with devices running Android 4.0 and above.


Spygig is one of the parental spying apps that give guardians/parents the administrative rights to monitor calls, texts, social media chats, and a lot of other things.

It is a 100% safe and genuine app. It is the best Mobile tracker app for parental control with dozens of other features, Spygig gives you complete control over the monitored app.

With Spygig you can track the entire call history and details of the call, see the details of all contacts in the phonebook, read SMS conversations and see the attached photos and videos, track the real-time location of the phone and view the complete history, view internet browsing history.


This spy phone apps post includes spy apps that can track the social media profiles of the target. Don’t get confused in choosing the best. Safespy is the best spyware application for Android and iPhone devices. All of these applications track the data and location history of the target phone.

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