The Top Science and Tech Universities in America

University is not just a place where you getting new knowledge, this is a good base for your “adult” life. Learning in universities help you to open up hidden opportunities and talents. It is a time for new meetings, teamwork, and comfortable life during all time your study.

The universities that presented below are based in the states of California, Massachusetts and Texas. They are taking first positions in the world of education.

As we know the technology has changed our lives. Keep it in mind when choosing a higher education institution; you can become the next one who will change our life by making new discoveries. The education opportunities of these universities allow students to get the highest quality education.

The Top Science and Tech Universities in America 1

California Institute of Technology

This Californian University owns the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which takes an active part in the development and launch of most of the NASA automatic spacecraft.

CalTech is remaining a relatively small university. The number of students and graduate students is about 2200 in total and has the 6 faculties that specialize in engineering and precise sciences.

The university is proud of its 31 graduates who became Nobel Prize winners. The 65 graduates and teachers received a national scientific medal of the USA or a national medal in the field of technology and innovation, 112 people were elected to the National Academies of Sciences.

At the beginning of the creation of the university, the committee of students decided that the best system of hostels is a system in which the hostels itself (or “houses”) create a community and organize social life. Four houses were built (Blackker, Ricketts, Dabney and Fleming). Each house has its own culture, and new students can partly choose the house they will go to, which helps the houses preserve their cultural identity.

The Top Science and Tech Universities in America 2

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

That successful university has won recognition not only as an Alma mater but also as a research center. It is located in Cambridge (a suburb of Boston) and it is one of the most prestigious technical educational institutions of the world.

MTI is an innovator in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. Educational engineering programs, programs in the field of information technology, economics, physics, chemistry and mathematics was recognized as the best in the country by the publication of U.S. News & World Report, known for its system of ranking national universities.

Its largest research structure in the world (from non-affiliated to commercial corporations) by the volume of annual military orders for military research (in 2014, expenditures from the institute’s budget for research and development of military subjects amounted to $951 million).

Among the most famous units are the Lincoln Laboratory, the Laboratory of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence, and the School of Management.

The 81 members of the MIT community are laureates of the Nobel Prize (this figure exceeds the data of all institutes of the world).

The university is never giving out honorary degrees. Here is the only way to get a diploma is to earn it. In addition to this, the institute does not issue athletic scholarships, degrees for outside work or Latin honors at the end of training. The philosophy is that it is a great honor to graduate from that place. The Institute sometimes gives out, in rare cases, honorary degrees of professors (Winston Churchill had received this degree in 1949, Salman Rushdie had in 1993).

Employees and students can be proud of themselves based on their mental abilities and achievements.

The Top Science and Tech Universities in America 3

The University of Texas at Austin

It is the main University of Texas System that was founded in 1883, and in 2008 ranked sixth in America in terms of the number of students studying (more than 50,000 students and 16,500 teachers and employees). It is also the largest university in Texas.

It is considered the main center for scientific research, with an annual funding amount of more than $400 million.

That place also has a big success in the sporting direction. In 2002, Sports Illustrated magazine named it is the best sports college in America. Students of the university are holders of 88 Olympic medals.

On the territory of the University, there are seven museums and seventeen libraries, as well as specialized structures, including the McDonald Observatory.

Since 2011, the university has been the owner of its sports TV channel called “Longhorn Network”, which has become one of the most popular channels in its field.

The campus contains 40 residential buildings, the last of which was opened in the spring of 2007. They are designed to accommodate more than 7100 students.

University programs are recognized as qualitative at the national and international level. In 2004, the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) found it the 15th university in the world for academic quality.

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