5 Tips to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate 1

5 Tips to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

The conversion rate can be quite tricky when it comes to e-commerce websites. The E-commerce business is booming and it is also growing in competition. The more we talk about the conversion rates the less we focus on the customer experience.

But what do we define here by customer experience?

If you have been thinking about the traditional customer experience, then let us share something with you.

Customer experience has changed and it has changed for good.

Now it is called user experience. The users spend most of their time on their smartphone and the way we help them to reach their desired product defines how smooth the conversion rate is going to be.

In this article, we’ll look into five awesome tips that will help you to improve your conversion rates by more than 50% just within six months.

But before we dig deep into the strategies to improve your conversion rate, it is important to find out what is the bottleneck that we are facing. Unless the bottleneck is addressed, no matter how many strategies you define, none of them might give a convincing result.

Without any further discussion, let us dive straight into the top five tips for improving your conversion rate.

1. Focus on your UX design

Improving your UX in the right way is the key to driving more conversions. The consumer journey is one of the most important ways where the customers can feel truly loved by your service.

Make the journey as simple as you can, enhancing every small detail that you can add.

Small moves Like adding the “People also buy” at the checkout option is going to be one of the easiest ways to improve as well as increase the conversion.

2. Optimize the Checkout option

Look out for the payment gateway option. If there is a larger turnover in the payment page, then the payment page is the main reason why there is a huge bounce.

You can improve the checkout option by having a variety of payment options as well as introducing the EMI facility to improve the experience.

3. Let the images talk about your product

Image is often the key to driving more sales. But what do you mean by a wonderful image?

Is it just the one that is having a great resolution with wonderful clarity?

Surprising to note is that a wonderful image not just refers to the pixels or the clarity, but it also refers to the meaning that it is trying to imply.

The image should add value in terms of the knowledge of the product as well as educating the customers about how the product can be utilized.

An image that shows a great utility and delivers knowledge for the customers, is the one that can drive a better conversion rate.

4. Real time support is driving the customer experience

Gone are the days when the customers used to wait for hours for getting the queries resolved. Our generation has very low patience and this is the one thing that you have to capitalize on.

Live chat support with suggestions for the perfect product is the way that you should look forward to. Not only should real-life chat on your website, but a buddy on your WhatsApp is going to be the next big thing for the e-commerce industry.

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t done it yet?

5. Believe in performance marketing

When you are marketing a product, it is very important that you target the right customers in order to improve the conversion rate.

It is not only important that you try out the different testing methods but it is vital that you find the right customer and promote your product with that particular person.

It results in an improved return on investment, thus making your marketing department churn revenues day after day.

Bottom line: Generating revenue over e-commerce takes time. The only way to be a consistent churning machine is to ensure that you are doing the right thing over and over again every day. After implementing all the above ways if you are still not capable of improving the conversation rate, contact a conversion rate optimisation agency. They will find out more tricky ways to increase the conversion rate.

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