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Why Smart Video Doorbells technology are an Advantage to Home Security

At first, it might not seem to be that big of a deal, to most; it’s just a door lock. Most of us still have that old key lock system in our homes. Many people don’t understand the role a smart doorbell system can play in helping increase their security.

Disadvantages to conventional doorbell systems

There are some things in life we don’t value as much as they should be valued. Those little things mean a lot but we never notice so we don’t bother thinking it can have advancements too. Until recent years there wasn’t really any attention paid to our conventional lock systems but they are more vulnerable than we actually think they can be. They put you, your family and everyone at risk. Here are a few of those highlighted downsides to conventional doorbells;

  • You eventually need to physically go to the door to check what it is.
  • You can’t confirm that the person on the other side of the door is who he claims to be unless you’re in a close distance to him.
  • You end up having to go to the door and attend strangers all the time.
  • If you don’t attend it can be an advantage for thieves to assume you’re not home.

What video doorbells actually are

If you take in similarities video doorbells and conventional doorbells might only have one that is informing you when someone rings the doorbell. Video doorbells have 1080p cameras which are equipped with night vision. It also has a dual audio system and many other facilities such as being controlled through Wi-Fi, having live access to the camera through an online connection to the smartphone that a conventional doorbell doesn’t offer.

Smart doorbells are making home safety a lot easier and accessible. You can control smart doorbell from your smartphone or any smart device in your home. The best video doorbell systems are now available easily.

Some benefits of smart video doorbell system

  • A signal to the thieves: whenever thieves rob a house or someplace they look for vulnerabilities. The place where they have a high chance of succeeding. Most of the ones familiar with house robberies study the place before robbing it and so they skip out on the ones they have a chance to get caught on. Having good security system equipment such as smart doorbell system would prevent them from even trying.
  • Can also be a digital checkpoint

The plus side to being controlled by wifi is that you can talk to your visitors even if your not home. It has a full digital display you can communicate with them through it even if you’re not home.

  • Compatible with all mainstream operating systems

The smart doorbell is efficient and all operating system friendly. Most of the smart doorbell systems are compatible with windows, android, Os’ and Mac Os too.

  • The value for money

At first, it might seem like a waste of money since it isn’t something we get to hear about very often or see it either. Plus conventional bells seem to do their work pretty well but if you look at it there are a lot of flaws in it.

  • Wireless follow-up

Sometimes burglars use the identity of the delivery man to get in. You can easily check with the access of camera if the delivery man is really outside your door or not.

So if they are actually outside you can then go safely without any problem.

  • Looking after your kids

Smart home entry systems can be also used to look after your kids. Kids sometimes do actually just leave the house without asking and in countries such as the USA, this can be a problem even if they get your kids back. The smart doorbell system has Wi-Fi connectivity you can easily lock and unlock or set up permission for your kids.

  • Reduces insurance cost

Insurance companies love it if you increase security on your end too. If you use smart to lock in your house it increases security thus lessening the chance of burglary.

  • Evidence storage

The smart doorbell system has dual audio and camera setup you can record the video so that if anything goes down you will have a record of it in the directory it will help you even if you get into insurance issues.


Smart doorbell lock systems are revolutionary they will change the face of security and easily make everything a lot easier. They will increase security and help you stay away from things such as burglary. Smart home systems have many other devices and the technology is still advancing. Smart doorbells can also be connected to home assistants such as Alexa.

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