Best Apps to Download YouTube Videos

How to save YouTube videos? Best alternative for YouTube Red!

YouTube is a platform that has primarily been designed to allow users to explore through videos of all kinds.

Users are able to watch videos as per their convenience on the video-sharing website.

Now, there are times when you don’t have proper access to the internet which happens when you are travelling or if you are stuck somewhere.

In such a situation, you would want access to your favourite YouTube videos.

However, since you don’t have internet access, there’s only one way to watch those videos and that is if you have them pre-saved into your device.

Now, the question remains, how can you actually save YouTube videos?

Well, that’s exactly what we will be explaining to you from here on.

We will be going through a step by step procedure of saving YouTube videos and in addition to that we will also be letting you know about the best alternative for YouTube’s paid streaming subscription service, YouTube Red, now known as YouTube Premium. Also, if you own a Mac, then here is a solution how you can save YouTube video on your Mac.

Saving the YouTube video

The process of saving a YouTube video on your computer is fairly simple. We will be going through some steps and once you’ve read and understood them properly, you will able to save your favourite YouTube videos and enjoy them wherever and whenever you wish to regardless of your internet connection status.

  • The first step would be to visit the YouTube page that consists of the video that you wish to save. Once you’ve found the page, the next step would be to press Ctrl and L simultaneously on your keyboard in order to highlight the address bar text. After this you should click Ctrl+C, the internet address will be copied with this. You can simply hold the text long enough and then click on Copy if you’re using a mobile phone.
  • Once you’ve successfully copied the address, paste it into the text field of the online video converter and then click on the download button.
  • If the steps are followed properly then you will see a preview of the video that you’re trying to download along with the download button. You will also be able to choose among the video formats in which you wish to download the video in. You can go for MP4, 3GP or WebM.

YouTube Red Alternatives

Back in 2015, YouTube introduced its own paid subscription streaming service that went by the name of YouTube Red. Now, it is called YouTube Premium. It is an indeed amazing streaming service, but if you’re looking for an alternative then you have come to the right place. Amazon Prime Video Direct is considered to be one of the best YouTube Red alternatives out there. It is a medium through which various content creators and visual storytellers are able to reach out to millions of Prime Video users all across the globe.

The Blackpills app is also a great YouTube Red alternative. It is like a Netflix of short films and TV shows and unlike YouTube Red, Blackpills is absolutely free of cost. Facebook Watch is also a virtual phenomenon that can be considered as a great YouTube Red alternative. Watch is personalized in order to help you in discovering amazing new shows and have a great time. All in all, there are a whole lot of alternatives for YouTube Red. The one that is best for you is majorly dependent on your own needs and requirements. So, go through these platforms, check out the features and services, and choose accordingly.

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