Feeling Lonely? Enjoy Live Random Video Chat & Flirt on LuckyCrush 1

Feeling Lonely? Enjoy Live Random Video Chat & Flirt on LuckyCrush

In the modern world, everything is digitalized, for example, teaching classes, fitness industry, and food industry, and so on. This digital boom is also due to the lockdown effect which made every offline platform to turn into online.

The same is applied to the chatting process.


After all, chatting was also used to be a part of the offline process but then not so guest rather disease strike all over the world resulted in lockdown.

The majority of the things stopped but there was only one sector which took a boom rather followed a graph of e raised to power x (e^x) that is constantly increasing.

It was quite evident though but the results were much more than expected. It was like a whole chunk of singles shifted to virtual chatting.

Due to this many chatting startups made a decent profit as they knew their target audience.

Moreover, the safe side of chatting startups business is that you might get unexpected results from an entirely different age group. Thereby you need not worry about the rush in your chatting app.

One such app is Luckycrush, which is random live video chatting app but is certainly different from the rest of the chatting apps which is there in the market.


You will get an answer to this question with the passage of the article. All you need to do is follow me with this article. And you never know, you might end up using the app.

What is LuckyCrush?

LuckyCrush, it is pretty much evident from the name itself. It is an online dating site that matches you with your opposite gender.

Feeling Lonely? Enjoy Live Random Video Chat & Flirt on LuckyCrush 2

As if you are a boy, it will match you with any random girl and vice versa.

Now you might be wondering as this is not very unusual from the rest of the chatting apps, then why choose this?

Well, there is a big reason to switch to Luckycrush as with the other apps you generally get paired with the same gender people like it might be possible that a girl will get connected to any random girl instead of a boy.

Therefore, it is very difficult for many people to get connected with the desired one in such apps. But that is not the case with Luckycrush, as the creators ensured that you will be matched with the people of the opposite sex. Thereby ensuring equal chances to boys and girls.

You will be able to see your partner by video call.

That’s how it goes, if you want to text then you can but initially, you will be seeing your partner which is again a great feature as there are very few apps which allow such feature. There are no time restrictions in the video call, it can be as long as 3 hrs To 3 min depending upon your and your‘s partner choice.

Interesting right!

Now you all must be curious to know how the virtual flirting goes do.

Refer to the next section for the same.

How does it work?

When you open www.Luckycrush.live in your browser, it will ask if you are a male or female.

Feeling Lonely? Enjoy Live Random Video Chat & Flirt on LuckyCrush 3

Enter the correct details and click on the search option. After clicking the video calling will start and will match you to the person of your opposite gender within no time. After this, the control is in your hand as to how effectively you process the chat.

If you are not satisfied with the match then you can click on the next option as well.

They have inculcated this feature as well. Chatting with boys & girls is quite fun anyways but when you know the person whom you are chatting with is of the opposite sex then the things automatically heighten.

As far as boys are concerned, cam chat with stranger girls is something which the majority of them desire for but then not everyone is so capable of convincing a girl for a video girl. However, with this app, you can do Anonymous chat without any problem and the number is not limited to one.

Now the thing to notice is that as of now there is no room for the LGBT community.

As the app is customized for straight ones. It is quite a task to maintain a 50-50 ratio of boys & girls and to allow the LGBT community there ought to be 50-50 groping.

Due to this, only straight ones are allowed to explore and cam chat.

Moreover, it should be noted that it is a great virtual flirting app in the market.

Feeling Lonely? Enjoy Live Random Video Chat & Flirt on LuckyCrush 4

This app was made in 2019 and has more than 1 million subscribers in a single calendar year but then thanks to lockdown, there is a 50% increase in the registration process for this app.

There are more boys as compared to girls and there is no question why is this so.

However, the app is so customized that you will get paired with the correct one only.

Pros and cons

Now it is time to dissect the site as in to find both pros and cons.

After analyzing the pros and cons you will be getting a clear idea if to use this virtual chatting app or not.

Like you know there are certain pros and cons of everything, as nothing is perfect in this world. Thereby it is important to have a look at the Luckycrush site as well.


  • Easy to use
  • Guys can try it out without registering but simply clicking “next
  • There is the availability of both boys n girls
  • Authenticated site
  • There is no need to download any external app as it is useable from direct site
  • Live video calling facilities
  • You can communicate via chatting window after the video call
  • It is safe and protected
  • Privacy of the customers are hidden
  • You can further communicate with your partner by exchanging contact details or social platform id’s
  • Moreover, it is trending and is certainly the best and the shortest way to make friends

Some less good things

  • There is no scope of the LGBT community as this app is only meant for straight people. Thereby violating the emotions of the LGBT community.
  • You can’t share personal details over chat like phone numbers, addresses, etc.


I hope now you know about Luckycrush.live and might have decided whether to explore this virtual chatting app or not. Well, there is no forcing of choice as after all the ultimate choice is of yours.

If your answer is in yes then you can click on this link which will take you directly to the site and you can explore the app and its further features.

If you are a chatting type of a girl or boy then you should give it a try otherwise, have some patience as the lockdown is about to resume.

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