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EMERGE App – Best Online Inventory Management Software for Wholesalers

EMERGE App is an online inventory management software that allows its users to manage more than a one channel sales, which is then combined with such a simple accounting solution.

The application is specially designed to fit the conventional wholesale and distribution. Besides, it also provides various plans for payment, so that it can be accessed by different business scales and industries.

It comes with complete features that can manage any operation of sales starting from purchasing, product management, inventory management and also the accounting system. Thus, EMERGE app is said to be suited for you who run a business with more than two workers because it provides the privacy settings that can be implemented to various application parts.

The Advantages of using EMERGE App

This application makes it possible for its users to organize their customers. It provides an overview for any payment statuses of their customers. Besides, it can also show an overview of the interactions that previously done by the customers, including the sale orders. All of those activities can be controlled, transferred, and adjusted as the users wish.

Your entire business operations can be handled with this single app. No need to have multiple apps to keep track of your sales, orders, and inventories. EMERGE App allows users to easily make catalogs for their products, the ranges of the selling price, classify the products based on certain categories, use more than one size, color.

Besides, quotations can be easily created for the clients, with discounts, prices, taxes and much other information, which can be transformed into sales orders as soon as they are confirmed. All of the generated quotations and orders can be converted into a PDF file and sent to the customers via electronic mail.

In short, this online inventory management software allows you to get a full control of managing the business workflow. It helps you to easily manage even the complex sales-purchase relationships.

The problems it can solve

1.    The messy and inefficient order management

As we know, all of the wholesale, payment, distribution, and trading system in the business industries are recorded in a written form. Thus, some computer applications that are only suitable for a small-scale business will be unproductive and inefficient. In this case, EMERGE App is a perfect program to manage all of the operations that you need to run the business.

2.    Drop shipping problem

Unlike most existing applications, EMERGE App has features for drop ship management that can so much help any eCommerce companies to organize the fulfillment and purchases. It is also able to manage all of the order in batches so that you can easily control the selling of any time-sensitive stock.

3.    Warehouse problem

By using this application, the warehouse managers will not face any difficulty in monitoring the actual and physical stocks. Besides, this application is very suitable to help the sales team easily control the stock availability to fulfill all of their customers’ orders.


EMERGE App is the Best Online Inventory Management Software that any wholesalers will need. It can allow them to easily handle the business and control even the most complex operations that most of the large-scale enterprises have to organize. In short, it will remove any stress that may occur when running a company.

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