5 Technology Advancements Trending In The Healthcare Industry 1

5 Technology Advancements Trending In The Healthcare Industry

Medical technology makes healthcare all the more accessible to us nowadays. It’s not only convenient but potentially life-saving to have these facilities in our lives. It helps us, access doctors, more quickly, get fewer tests to be diagnosed and obtain quicker results.

The weeks of anxiously waiting for answers and the painstaking calls for appointments are no longer needed. Everything is just a few clicks away!

There are gigantic amounts of technology advancements in the medical industry that are helping us achieve all this and more. We present to you only of these so you can see how even a few advancements have taken us a long way in healthcare.

Let’s explore the trending ones.


Telehealth is defined as a variety of technologies to deliver medical, health, and educational services virtually, in a more efficient manner.

Telehealth also provides a communication platform for doctors and patients to communicate via email or messaging. Interestingly, there are several telehealth apps to improve your health. It’s also currently seeking to help people in the rural areas to perform their own basic testing and share the results remotely with their physicians to allow for quick diagnosis.

2. Wearable Technology

5 Technology Advancements Trending In The Healthcare Industry 2

Today’s medical technology also offers you the option of constantly monitoring your health with wearable devices. Diabetics can get glucose meters implanted and new technology is working on equipping these devices with a micro-needle that will check patient’s glucose levels painlessly at different times during the day.

Besides diagnosing several health conditions, upcoming medical wearables will monitor your sleep patterns and quality, your skin temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate. This information of your vitals is valuable to keep track of your health and can be automatically forwarded to the doctor even.

3. Technology Supporting Research

Many applications have made it easier for researchers to efficiently carry out their research related to developing medical and healthcare solutions. One such example is of Studylog, a website/desktop application that many of the world’s leading laboratories use to conduct and manage animal research studies. (accessible through http://www.studylog.com/).

Such technologies also allow teams to collaborate more efficiently and effectively on different aspects of the research.

4. Personalized Medicine

Genetic sequencing is a process by which the precise nature of a person’s DNA can be broken down and understood. This helps identify illnesses even before they show up and become serious. This allows for personalized medicine to be developed for each individual as the cost of genetic sequencing goes down. Also Check calculus bridge .

5. Stronger Security

With greater accessibility and sharing abilities, come greater risks of sensitive information relating to health being leaked. Hackers are always aware of increased cyber information exchange and will not hesitate to jump at the chance of obtaining even more personal records for their own use.

This means that increased cybersecurity will also accompany all the above-mentioned advancements. As the access to patient portals increases, additions will be made such as two-factor authentication will prevent hackers from committing cybercrime with just the person’s password.

The short list above shows that technology is improving the healthcare industry. The quality of lives of people all over the world can be improved by these changes. It allows you to take control of your healthcare as it prepares you and keeps you up-to-date on your bodily changes.

To get the best out of these advancements, it’s ideal to stay abreast with technology news related to healthcare so that you may not be confused when the time to start using it comes.

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