Email archiving Solutions: Working And Features 1

Email archiving Solutions: Working And Features

One of the most common problems faced by many internet users is handling a bundle of emails on the daily basis. This problem can be sorted out by using good and reliable archiving software. The email archiving software first receives the emails arriving from the server and then arranges them. While doing so it also makes a copy to access the required mail at the time of an emergency or while doing the work. It thus increases the working efficiency of the user and the system itself.

Archiving email is a major challenge most companies face as email volumes increase at an alarming rate. Many organizations have stretched the capacity of the temporary storage repositories within email systems. This puts pressure on email servers, performance, and storage space as most systems are not designed to store vast amounts of emails and attachments for long periods of time.

Important features

The email archiving software enables the user to organize and arrange the data in a proper manner. The data or assignment ignorance can cause serious issues and may cause hindrance in the flow of work. It helps the user to maintain the system in such a way that no assignment of data gets ignored by the user. The chances of errors hence become very less with the use of this software. The best thing about this software is that they provide the user with some instant messaging notifications to avoid any chance of ignoring emails.

Mechanism of Working

The email archiving software first receives the email and makes a copy to save it. This preservation helps in saving the data from being lost. After saving it, an index of the received emails is created, and the emails are managed accordingly. This is the most efficient and convenient way of handling the stream of emails and managing them efficiently.


The first advantage of email archiving software is that it manages emails without creating any trouble for the user. This software is very efficient in arranging as well as storing important emails. By establishing a direct connection between the server and the user, it helps to filter the required emails and arranging them. It also manages instant messages with the same perfection.


A number of packages are available for the user, and it totally depends upon the users to select a right package according to their needs. The trouble faced by most of the internet users, that is, the vast stream of emails becomes very difficult to be managed by them, and also it becomes very tough for them to find emails at the right time. This problem can be handled by using good quality email archiving software.

The process of Email archiving has been made easier and highly straightforward for the businesses by the presence of Email Archiving Packages. These are tools that allow businesses to easily install email archiving solutions on their systems. They provide remote management capabilities and add a lot of functionality to their systems.

Although the Email Archiving software has made it easier for businesses to set up Email Archiving Solutions on their systems, one should always beware of the safety and integrity of their data. Along with that, you should also look for a package that offers good customer training and support along with good functionality.

DuoCircle’s email archiving solutions are the latest and the best email archiving software in the market. They have updated functionalities which will suit your modern business needs better than other outdated software out there.

AXS-One AXS-Link

AXS-One is a company that provides a wide range of data and email archiving solutions. The AXS-Link software unlike most of the other email archiving systems provides email archiving services for almost all of the major email providers and hosts. They also have support for many Database Management Systems and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs. These features make the products used for a wide range of businesses and corporations. The software addresses both business email archiving solutions as well as regular storage archival.

The AXS-One email archiving solutions are scalable and modular which enables the user to easily grow their businesses without worrying about replacing their software and accommodate a range of business environments on a single platform.

ZyLAB ZyImage Information Access Platform

ZyLAB is one of the top email archiving vendors for enterprise email archiving solutions. The ZyImage Information Access Platform is made for business email archival requirements. It is based on a data backup software which makes it easier for businesses that would like to expand their archival solutions from data to email archival. It provides Optical Character Reading (OCR) for image attachments. It is also one of the secure archive solutions in the market as it is certified by the United States Department of Defense and is used as an Email Archiving Service in governmental agencies.

Symantec Enterprise Vault

The Symantec Enterprise Vault is an email archiving system that provides email archiving tools for both emails and instant messaging software. It works natively with Outlook and Lotus Notes for archival. The Enterprise Vault is not completely suitable for multiple accounts as it doesn’t have complete support for cross-platform archival and different email formats. It is, however, a great email archive program for big businesses where the email formats used between multiple users are same. It provides both offline or on-site management and remote or online email archiving services.

These were the top email archival programs that are used in both small-sized and enterprise sized businesses. Email archival is important for both professional and legal reasons for a business and it shouldn’t be ignored at all. While selecting an email archiving tool one must look at different factors such as cross-platform support and secure archive solutions. Instant Messaging archival and data archival are bonuses to look for in an Email archival solutions. One must also choose a package that is scalable to suit your archival needs in the future too.

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