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How Can Artificial Intelligence Be Used on Social and SEO?

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, also known as machine intelligence, is the intelligence shown by machines as opposed to natural intelligence, which is human intelligence. It is based on creating machines that are intelligent enough to react like humans. In short, AI is a computer/machine’s ability to learn and think. As technology advances, artificial intelligence develops to be used in more areas such as social media and SEO. Below are some ways in which AI is used in social media and SEO.

Uses of artificial intelligence in social media

Artificial intelligence is eventually social media marketing in many ways. Various areas of transformation have come forward. Here are some examples of how AI is used in social media marketing.

Slack bots

With slack bots, all the guesswork that was done by social media marketers is no longer needed. Social media marketers in the modern world may develop new and effective ways to promote their services and products, so they no longer need to rely on guesswork to create content. They also help predict the chances of success of various posts on social media platforms.

Customer service

Many customers expect companies to respond within 60 minutes to their request, which is something that is not humanly possible when there are so many customers to deal with. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play. It not only prioritizes customer problems but chats bots help filter fake social media accounts and spam posts, which helps in saving time.

Facebook facial recognition feature

Facebook is among the main users of artificial intelligence. For its facial recognition feature, it saves the time of people who need to tag their friends and family as it automatically recognizes the person in the picture. Hence artificial intelligence is used by Facebook and other such apps to save time and provide additional features.

Smart ways of using AI for SEO

AI has also impacted search engine optimization, and it is used in a variety of ways.

Search engine optimization

Artificial intelligence helps to identify consumer search trends, prescribes actions, and automates keyword search making it easy for search marketers to grade their content in the best way possible, which is both convenient and efficient. These areas have been influenced by artificial intelligence are content discovery, content development, and content activation.

Ranking using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is used for setting content strategies as it shows you exactly how your industry related topic ranking is about other competing sites. AI, in this way, helps identify gaps in your content, and it also creates new content for more SEO opportunities. The ability to make corrections and suggest changes as you continue to write, which would allow you to grasp the attention of other search engines.

Using voice and text for managing results of business search

Use of Artificial intelligence ensures that your business pages, reviews, listings, and all such platforms are consistent and up to date, which is a must for great SEO experiences.

With the increasing use of artificial intelligence in fields like social media and SEO, there is no doubt that the work that people and to manually is being replaced by a machine. Hence, easing the task of many companies.

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