Can Facebook Engineers access your Facebook Account directly ?


This question came to my mind and i searched it over internet and found that answer to this question is “YES”.Yes, a facebook engineer can directly access your account without your password.

So can Facebook Engineers access your account with full fledged permissions ?

The answer is “NO”. Access to your account is limited and is according to the Job Function, i.e only those features will be accessible to the engineers on which he or she is meant to work on to improve it or may be do testing or finding bugs and errors.

Who decides the access level of a facebook account given to a particular Facebook Engineer ?

Its decided by a Third Party Organizations(of-course it isn’t Facebook) and these laws or controls are set by Organizations such as Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office.

So is there a risk of leaking my private messages and photos ?

The answer depends on the person who is given access to your account.I think 99.9999% of the times the answer will be “NO, as ,if they leak your information then they have broken the law, which makes them criminal and may face pretty harsh consequences such as losing their jobs. I don’t think a facebook engineer who worked very hard to get that job would put himself into trouble.

So Do you have to worry if your privacy is preserved or not ?

The answer is “absolutely not”.Facebook users access your account to make our Facebook experience better. The access is very strictly monitored so you don’t have to worry.

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  • Thanks for your comment Alize. Yes they can access our facebook account with our permission. But why you will give them permission for it. As far as I know they can access only selected parts of your account as I said in the post. But we cannot say what goes behind our eyes.

  • In the past, I have seen this question sometimes before and the answer is YES, they can get directly to your account with your permission, that’s what they said, who know.