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Empowering Technology: 4 Ways As To How Technology Made Our Lives Easy and Efficient

Technology has, by far, been given as a great feat. It becomes essential and crucial in the different fields like in education, health, agriculture, and many, many more.

And it keeps on advancing and morphing as the days go by—innovations like self-driving cars in which we do not have to drive our cars anymore. You do not have to worry about libraries closing since a more accessible Google will give you the necessary information that you needed.

These new technologies and new practices take our lives and efficiency to the next level. It makes normal things much better, faster with fewer hassles than you can imagine. Through this, we can accomplish tasks, may it be difficult or not, and get much stuff done in just twelve hours we were given each day. There is no denying the idea that technology has made our lives more convenient than it used to be.

Bye Bye Errands

Nowadays, everyone is too busy to run errands. But when you are busy and got caught up with work, you now have someone to do stuff for you. Introducing TaskRabbit is a service in which it connects you to people that could accommodate your needs for a sum. By leaving your chores to TaskRabbit, you can have tons of free time to do whatever you want to do. Laundry will be done, dishes are washed, food cooked, and the lawn mowed while you are relaxing, doing yoga, drinking tea, and flipping up a magazine.

Boosts Productivity

Well, we could take a break from something that stresses us and relax. Still, at some point, we need to up our game and boost our time management skills. And that is where the power of technology comes in handy. The presence of the Pomodoro technique timer, which is a great tool to accomplish the task, manage your time effectively and will help you balance everything out in order to improve your productivity.

The Impact of Online Shopping

Well, if you have your phone or even a laptop in hand, shopping would be a lot easier and manageable. Through this, you don’t have to go to malls just to buy clothes or any kind of stuff. All the hassle of falling in line would totally be out of your hair. Things like books, makeups, underwear, jewellery, and especially your grocery, that would be no problem at all. Online sites such as and is always there to cater to all your needs.

Information at Your Fingertips

What more could you want when, by just merely clicking, you can now access news, articles, journals, researches, and even books, online. No more going to the library and presenting a library card, the internet got it all for you. All you need is a strong internet connection, Google, and your phone to search and access the information that is bothering your mind. Making a research paper has never been easier since research papers are now published, available, and obtainable online.

The availability of the internet and Google has made the learning process much easier than the past.

Whereas in the past, when you did not know how to something, you must have to know someone who knew how to do it or, on the other hand, try to figure it out yourself and probably mess up until you arrived at what you are supposed to accomplish.

But all of that does not apply to our situation presently, a simple opening of google and typing answers would come up in a flash in a mode of PDF’s, Youtube videos, or even blog posts.

Entertainment In a Comfort of Your Sofa

Throwback to those times when you have to rent a new flick or pick up the new album by The Beatles in a record store. But now, that could be accomplished those mundane things even if you are in your bed or sofa. The existence of iTunes and Spotify makes it easy for everyone to check out the latest music released by your favorite artist. The establishment of Netflix and the actuality of video games has made our entertainment more attainable and accessible to everyone.


With every release of new technology, our lives become more and more advanced and efficient. The life that only exists in dreams is now present in our society.

The existence of technology and new gadgets is an illustration of the imagination of people in solving existing problems.

All these technological innovations are the product of the creative ideas that transformed how our lives become more improved and can achieve maximum productivity.

The thing is, I hope we do not get to the point where we would turn like the people in the animated film Wall-E. Probably, we are just too immersed in technology and convenience that makes us forgot how to really live.

What about you?

What do you think?

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  • Technology has served a lot of good than harm to society. Although there has been some challenges but it can’t be compared with what we’ve gained so far.

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