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Top 4 CircleCI Alternatives in 2021: Server Automation

If you’re from the IT industry, you must be well aware of the never-ending demand for evolution at every stage. And hence, modern SDLC places a greater emphasis on Continuous Integration and Delivery as it helps a DevOps team deliver software with excellent quality.

Gone are the days when CircleCI was the only tool you could envision. These days, numerous CI/CD tools have emerged with out-of-the-box features that make you wonder which alternative of CircleCI you should choose.

So, if you’re fed up with recurring issues on CircleCI and looking for a change, here are the best four alternatives of CircleCI you’d love to know.

Best CircleCI Alternatives in 2021:

1. Attune

Attune has many advanced and exciting features beyond your imagination. It is one of the easiest and fastest solutions for node and server automation.

The purpose behind introducing Attune is to deliver an intuitive solution for rapidly implementing server automation and orchestration. The most important feature to look after in Attune is its node automation and orchestration, which makes it a powerful tool for everyone. Since Attune is written in Python and is a cross-platform solution, you can build and deploy on various OS like Mac OS, Windows, etc. Because of its simple user interface, Attune supports numerous scripting languages such as CMD, Bash, or PowerShell.

Features of Attune

  • Attune provides full-stack server automation and orchestration to its users.
  • You’ll get agentless multi-server coordination.
  • Attune also has an advanced file generation feature.
  • It has portable and shareable procedures.

2. Jenkins

In a nutshell, Jenkins is nothing but an open-source CI/CD tool and automated deployment framework that yields higher efficiency. Usually, it helps makes it easier for developers to incorporate improvements to the code.

Jenkin tends to set up the CI/CD environment in a simple manner for almost any language and helps in automating the whole build process. Jenkins itself is a continuous integration platform and can serve as an alternative to CircleCI. Have a look at the features Jenkins has stored for you.

Features of Jenkins

  • Jenkins interacts with around all the SCM or constructs methods that are present in the market.
  • In Jenkins, you can expand and update some aspects so that it’s easy to set up and maintain Jenkins extensions.
  • This feature will guide you to tailor Jenkins for your requirements.
  • It can spread build/ test loads to several machines of various platforms.

3. GitLab

You can safely say that GitLab CI/CD is an integral part of GitLab for software delivery, and it makes use of runners and agents for your CI/CD jobs. As compared to CircleCI, a YAML configuration file provides specific instructions for GitLab.

Additionally, a significant benefit of using GitLab is its end-to-end SDLC capabilities within the GitLab environment. So, if you’re looking for issue tracking, source code management, or project planning, GitLab can be beneficial since it offers native support for the GitLab ecosystem.

Features of GitLab

  • GitLab offers a free version/free plan, which is enough for personal projects.
  • GitLab also boasts security dashboarding. Plus, built-in Kubernetes deployment monitoring and integrated CD capabilities.
  • UNIX permission issues will not be a problem in GitLab as it allows the users to bypass the UNIX.

4. Bamboo

Talking about Bamboo, it is a CI tool. A perfect fit for the people and developers who work on a wide range of programming languages like Python, PHP, Java, etc. Bamboo automates the release management for any software application. Furthermore, the test process and build are not dependent on any specific local environment. Probably this is possible because Bamboo CI is a central server that schedules and coordinates all the work.

Features of Bamboo

  • Bamboo supports multiple programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP, etc.
  • In Bamboo, the integration and builds are triggered automatically after the commissioning of code.
  • It generates reports, visualization, and dashboards of any job or task.

Summing Up

Well, it’s time to change the traditional CircleCI tool with the CI tool that has new and advanced features. Select the best alternative to replace CircleCI to get a better experience.

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