The top 3 Web Design Trends of 2018

Last year, the world of website development, marketing, and design was marked by the emergence of virtual reality and web animations as well as the popular use of conversational interfaces and automated support systems.

As the time goes by, trend and innovation in the web design ecosystem undergo evolution, some new ideas are introduced while others improve and stay for good. The ever-changing behavior of the consumers and the increasing competition among businesses are the reasons that adaptation to these trends is becoming more crucial to website owners day by day. Learn more about the top three web design trends of 2018 and use them take your website to the next level.


During the past few years, we have seen the massive integration of micro-interactions in almost every mobile application. Today, these features are being gradually adopted into many different websites as well. Micro-interactions are small animations that are triggered by user actions such as clicking and hovering the mouse pointer on an object visible on the website’s interface. They could be as simple as having a bouncing effect, changing the depth of the images, flashing of descriptions, and expanding dropdown lists. These features which are accessible through JavaScript and CSS3 are effective in improving user experience, making it both easier and convenient for visitors to navigate around your website.

Voice Integration

The fact that more and more people now use devices with smaller screen sizes for their digital needs, from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets, makes it more important for supplementary tools such as voice assistants to be of great help to websites. The addition of voice user interfaces allows the quick and efficient solution of problems using the fewest number of words possible. Although this technology is not yet widely adopted on websites, 2018 is seen to become a great year for the first successful integrations of voice assistants.

Innovative Storytelling

Innovative storytelling is one effective way to engage with your audiences, increase website traffic, and improve customer retention. It is a means of showcasing your brand through the use of powerful narratives while connecting with your audience using shared experiences. Business websites are usually considered as platforms where you can display your products and services that you offer. But that is not the only case for today, as websites have evolved to become an instrument where business can now create an impact through great stories. In this innovative storytelling, your audiences should be treated as the main characters and your products and services are considered as their pathways towards achieving their goals.

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