5 Tips to Improve Your Tech Support

Are you concerned that your tech support is slowing down your business?

Well, you need to hire the right tech support team but that’s not all.

You will also need to ensure that you turn that investment into tangible results.

We have compiled some tips to ensure that you get the right support team for your business plus the ways to ensure that the partnership works!

How can you improve Tech support?

Hire the Right Support Service

Which problem are you trying to solve? Is it to reduce the waiting time or communicate better with your customers? In other words, you will need to find a top-of-the-line IT solutions provider that suits your business needs and more importantly your customers. For example, if your business deals with customers who are highly knowledgeable in tech then you should know that techies who are at the entry-level will not be the right fit for solving complex issues.

So, before hiring a tech support service, ask yourself some critical questions like:

  • Do they have the right expertise and experience for your business type?
  • Do they understand your product or the service you are offering?
  • Do they speak the same language as your customers and if not, will this affect your business?

These are just but a few but the key is to hire tech support smartly.

Remember, if you do that right you will be able to save costs while improving your business processes.

Support Your Tech Support Team

How well do you treat your tech support team?

Stats show that many business owners tend to have low regard for tech teams, especially in small and medium enterprises.

Try to be different and take the initiative of caring to know about the progress the tech support team is making in your business. In fact, the problem is that tech improvements can be hard to quantify unlike in the likes of sales efforts in your business.

The interesting bit though is that your tech support team upstages the efforts of other departments like finance, sales, procurement, marketing, etc.

Invest in the Right Tools

As customers evolve to using some of the latest technologies, your support team will equally need to upgrade to be able to solve any challenges that may be raised. It is, therefore, essential that you respond to such changes and equip your support team with the tools.

For example, you can deploy a ticketing system to help the team to monitor interactions with clients and gather insights on what could be reported soon.

The system is also useful in notifying about the time and date when an issue was reported, the technician assigned, software used, and the narrative.

Having such details will help you know how tech challenges are raised by different customers and addressed by your team, and a lot more info than you can extract from the data.

For example, the analysis may establish that customers are struggling with a given product or service and this way you may improve other facets of your business product design, etc.

Increase Communication Channels

You should also allow customers to seek support from many channels.

Some prefer to send an email, others to call, and yet others turn to live platforms for instant messages. Increase your communication channels, and you will note an improvement in the number of queries solved by your support team.


  • Make it easy for your customers to reach out by letting them know about the channels they can use. Don’t make them struggle research for ways to reach out to your support team. In fact, you getting quick help to your customers will translate to lots of loyal fans
  • You can go the extra mile to find ways to monitor forums and help those customers that are looking for support on your products or services there. Some of the popular ones you should are local forums, Quora, Reddit, etc

Structure Your Tech Support

Again, hiring tech support experts is just a start. But is your support well structured?

Your business might have started small where queries were directed to you as the owner.

As it grows, ensure that your support also gets streamlined. Ideally, try to implement the levels of customer support to make it easy for you to handle queries.


These are just but a few tips to improve your tech support and in turn, keep your customers and employees working without much of a hassle.

Don’t forget to listen to what the customers are saying and keep that in the loop to improve your support system.

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