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3 Potential Dangers of Running a Business Without Any Maintainence Manageement System

Often when a business becomes too focussed on increasing profit margins and decreasing expenditure, maintenance management gets thrown to the wayside.

Of course, getting rid of all maintenance schedules can only work well as a very short term business plan since in the larger scheme of things it would end up simply exposing the business to a lot of monetary losses.

Today, we will be taking a look at three of the biggest concerns that will plague your business if you choose to not invest in maintenance management.

1. Loss of Production Time

Random breakdowns in machinery are the leading causes of downtime in most production lines. While most of the manual maintenance in this regard is reactionary, ie. the maintenance crew is brought into action once the device has already failed, a simple CMMS deployment can help convert this to a much easier process. Commonly known in the industry as preventive maintenance, a software solution always makes sure that automated maintenance schedules are performed well in advance so that unexpected interruptions to the workflow is minimized. This can not only save tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue but also save the company from having to pay employees for excess working hours to make up the lost time.

2. Vulnerable to Fines and Lawsuits

It is the duty of the management to make sure that the workplace remains perfectly safe and that the workers are not exposed to any unwanted dangers. Failure to comply with these safety and security regulations can range from a hefty fine to the cancellation of trade license. Now there are myriads of safety checks that need to be performed and if left in the hands of a manager, mistakes might happen. That is why it is better in such situations to not take a chance and instead opt for CMMS solutions that can automate much of this process and save you all the unnecessary hassles. It also keeps the company from being liable to lawsuits from the employees especially when it comes to workplace safety.

3. Losing Sight of the Bigger Picture

It is very common to lose sight of the bigger picture when the manager is tied up solving the litany of daily issues that crop up in any busy production line. A CMMS software can relieve some of those pressures from a manager enabling them to think outside the box and implement innovative ideas that would help increase the production efficiency. A CMMS also makes detailed maintenance reports and keeps detailed equipment failure history all of which can be consulted at a moment’s notice.

This gives the manager the ability to have an overview of the entire business and make more informed and fact-based decisions as opposed to going off human intuition and memory alone. A CMMS can thus not just help a company save a few bucks by extending the shelf life of their assets, it can also, in turn, help the business make more money by enabling better purchasing decisions for the future.

One of the major factors that has stopped most businesses from adopting a CMMS in the past had been the cost associated with deploying such a sophisticated and advanced technology inside their workplace. But with the help of cloud computing and disruptive new technologies such as Machine Learning and Internet of Things, deploying and managing a CMMS has become as easy as a one-click solution!

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