Striking Spectrum Workers Build Internet Where Profits Returned To Users

A group of Spectrum workers who have been striking since 2017 banded together to give New York City residents a better option by creating a worked owned wireless internet provider and co-op called People’s Choice.

So far People’s Choice has been actively mending the digital divide in New York City by completing rooftop antenna installations at two local schools in the Bronx. They’ ve also created wireless access points connecting a nearby 121 housing units at a housing facility that helps survivors of domestic violence who also have disabilities. While Charter Spectrum was busy denying customers of basic internet service during the coronavirus pandemic due to outstanding bills and nonpayment, People’s Choice stepped up into overdrive. They’ve worked with affordable housing, supportive housing, co-op housing, NYC Housing Authority housing, homeless shelters and regular apartment complexes so far.

How Does People’s Choice Work?

People’s Choice is a co-op that’s worker owned by Spectrum strikers. Interested people fill out a form and when People’s Choice builds out a network in your building, they transfer it to a cooperative ownership. Any profits earned from the network are returned to its users and plans are cheap. Plus, because you’d be an owner of the network, you will also have a vote in policies that affect your internet service like data privacy and more.

People’s Choice Internet Plans

People’s Choice internet plans stick to the minimum broadband internet speed requirements defined by the Federal Communications Commission or the FCC; 25 Mbps download speeds and 3 Mbps upload speeds. Prices vary, but in most cases People’s Choice can deliver high speed internet service for as little as $10 to $20 a month. Which is certainly cheaper than any other internet providers in the area including Spectrum and there’s no income qualification process to go through to get this lower priced internet service.

People’s Choice Internet Plan Download Speeds Upload Speeds Monthly Cost
People’s Choice Internet 25 Mbps 3 Mbps $10 to $20 a month depending on the project

To get People’s Choice internet service, interested customers must reach out to them directly. People’s Choice internet is a solution to overpriced and under delivering internet service and promises to not rip off their customers to make an extra buck. There are no contracts because its co-op owned.

Mobile Phone Service Coming Soon To People’s Choice

People’s Choice is currently working hard to add mobile phone service to their service offerings. It’s coming soon and will be free for qualifying customers. People’s Choice hasn’t released how to qualify for wireless phone service yet but interested customers can check their current mobile device to see if it will be compatible with the upcoming People’s Choice Communications network.

Why Are These Spectrum Workers Striking?

They’ve been striking since 2017, making their strike the longest strike in US history. Spectrum tried taking away these workers’ rights, health care benefits, and retirement plans. Since then, this group of workers has decided to help the same community they’ve been helping all along in New York City with their co-op. They realized that they weren’t the only ones upset with Spectrum and this co-op was their opportunity to right a lot of frustration in their community.

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