A Solid Foundation for a Solid Start: Which CMS Is the Right Choice for Your Business? 1

A Solid Foundation for a Solid Start: Which CMS Is the Right Choice for Your Business?

In the digital world we now live in, there is always one thing that is a must have when running your website. It’s also something that you shouldn’t just haphazardly select and then ignore as it takes a lot of time to move your content around if the situation demands it. This item is called CMS or Content Management System and it is responsible for how your content is viewed and scene throughout your site on all the devices that fill the digital world. The CMS is your backbone, so it needs to be strong.

The question remains though, which CMS is the right choice for your Business?

The Option of Cloud-Based CMS

When it comes to your CMS there are only two real options that can really help when starting out as the cost is only due to the service instead of also purchasing the hardware and doing the constant maintenance. The two options are SaaS CMS’s and Cloud Hosted CMS’s and both have their pros and cons. The later, Cloud Hosted CMS, is what we are focusing on today as it has many advantages that most would find desirable and preferable to SaaS or any other option.

The Advantages of Cloud-Based CMS

So, when it comes down to brass tax one of the first things considered is the cost. Being in the cloud allows you to spend less on expensive hardware such as additional computers and servers as it is all saved on the cloud. More savings include not having to constantly spend money on software as it is saved to the cloud, so anyone can access it from their own computers. More great benefits include free cloud storage, data centralization, sharing capabilities, and data recovery. The best part involves you and your employees being able to instantly utilize new tools or products and adding new employees creates no new work on the digital side.

The Disadvantages of CMS

As to all things in life, there are always the disadvantages. These are important to note as there are times that your business needs specific things to make the cloud the optimal option. As you have no control over the server there will be times in which downtime will be experienced and you have little control over the functions over many of the features that your chosen vendor may supply. Outside of that, you will still need to provide security on your end to ensure no one that shouldn’t be able to can get to your cloud-based server.


Simply stated cloud-based CMS is generally the most effective option for new and digitally adapting businesses. The only real thing that you must do is find the best option, at the best price for you then make sure all your needs are met from your vendor choice. Don’t rush the purchase, but make sure it gets done as it is key in our digital world.

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