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How to Leverage the Power of Video Marketing Through Social Media?

Just a couple of years ago I was writing about blogging as one of the best possible marketing devices on social media.
Now I think that video should be the pillar content for your marketing.
And the gist of the story has remained the same – we still live in the most fascinating era in the history of mankind and Internet is a huge part of that era.
In other words, Internet and social media gave us an opportunity to sit at home at 2am wearing nothing but our pajamas and still be productive. You couldn’t do that 30 years ago.
And you have to understand that time flies.
People are becoming lazier and written media is a waste of time, at least according to the newest data provided by Slidely. That is a digital video solution trusted by Disney, Bose, Century 21, Hilton and several other high profile clients. They released a new survey that revealed some interesting data about consumer behaviors.
People prefer video over any other format
The survey asked 500 consumers worldwide about their video watching and media consumption habits. Out of that group, around half of them watch at list five videos online per day and 35% of them said they watch more than 10 videos per day.
Another research study, published by “HubSpot” and cited in a report by “Cresight Research” says that 72% of consumers prefer video to text for receiving branded marketing information.
 And this data does not come as a surprise if we consider the fact that Google’s Algorithm favors video content over any other form (text, images, or audio).

Why create video?

One answer for that is the increased usage of our mobile devices. Industry has spoiled us and now we want an experience that goes from one screen to another with ease. We want to be able to access content everywhere, anytime we want.
 And if you haven’t noticed, all platforms started pushing for that video content. If you try to scroll down your social media you will see that all the media automatically starts playing and immediately catches your attention.
 All that being said, the next step for you is to ensure you don’t miss the specifics like ideal length, aspect ratio, resolution, and other preferences of social media on different platforms.

Facebook Videos and YouTube

Facebook videos and YouTube are the best video marketing platforms out there. You can make all sorts of content like tutorials, DIY videos, funny compilations, testimonials, behind the scenes video, explainers, song covers, etc. The pool of possibilities is endless.
However, you should know that over 60% of all videos is being watched on mobile devices. Sharing rate for those devices is also higher than on other platforms. That is why you should adapt your content for those platforms.


Mamby is a relatively new video, photo, and gif sharing platform. And just like other social networks, this one also uses the “subscribe system” but that does not determine the reach for your content. It has a very interesting
AI that learns about every user individually and that AI actually recommends your content to other users across the entire network. In other words, you are not limited by the number of your subscribers!
 The AI gathers data from cookies and likes and “recommends” content based on that.
 For example, if you try to market your coffee business and post photos and videos about coffee, your content will reach all the people that had searched for coffee in the past or liked the similar content on the platform.

Instagram Video

Instagram has 800 million monthly active users and 1 billion users worldwide. That is a huge potential for marketing. Marketers have recognized that and many brands are already actively and regularly posting on Instagram.
You have to post the right type of video at the right time and continue doing so in order to build your audience. However, things are a little bit different with this platform. Your videos have to be under 1 minute long.
You can also use Instagram Stories, which are 10-second picture/video clips. It can be a nice marketing tool for most brands if you know what you are doing.
You can also go live…

Snapchat Videos

This platform has brought many innovative features. It provides its user’s direct access to live event as it is some sort of a real-time media marketing platform.
You can use all sorts of filters, texts, geofilters, bitemojis, ets., to create a nice engagement.
Most brands use Snapchat to record events, trade shows, concerts, social events, etc.

Twitter Videos

To be honest, Twitter has always been a news-based social media network platform and it is designed for video content. And naturally, native videos on Twitter bring more engagement than “third party” videos that are only shared on Twitter. To be more precise, native videos bring 2.5 times more replies, 2.8 times more retweets, and 2 x more favorite.
However, you have to be extremely careful when creating videos for this platform because it has the fastest scroll so you should really focus on creating some interesting content. You can post advertisements, promotions, educative videos, teasers, announcements, etc.
Videos are the most effective sort of engagement on social media.
Because people are too lazy to read and you can pack an essay of 1,000 words into a 2 minute video edited with vibrant colors and catchy “one-liners”.
This key component of your content marketing will continue to evolve and you, marketers, will play a huge role in shaping the future of video marketing. You can do whatever you want, experiment with it and play around with all the tools that are in your disposal. Those experiments are the only way for you to see what your audience appreciates the most.

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