How to choose the best WordPress hosting?

One of the foremost criteria of a good website is its ability of web hosting. The choice of perfect web hosting for the website can eventually improve the SEO and in order increase the sales. There are many options nowadays for choosing the best web hosting for a particular website.

The article is dedicated towards choosing of WordPress hosting, which will prove good to the website. If anyone wants to open a WordPress with a bang, he needs to fulfil some points that will prove helpful to the person in the later stages. The security of the WordPress should be top notch, because no one will find amusing losing the hard works to a hacker or spending money for different purposes. The host should not also spend much time on it. But the important above all is the choice of web hosting.

The requirements of WordPress hosting are also kept very simple, keeping in mind about all the web hosting companies. The popularity of WordPress is also very high and the companies come with a 1-click install. WordPress is a very lightweight software and is almost made compatible with all the good web hosting companies. The requirements may include:

  • PHP 7 or any higher version.
  • MySQL with version 5.6 or any other higher versions.

One must look out for some of the features which might help them to regard a particular website as a good web hosting website. These features produce great differences among different wordpress hosting options around the world. The features can be listed as under:

Performance and Speed

The performance of a good website depends on many criteria and the speed of it as well. The performance may be depended on the quality of the hardware. Such as, if one is uploading a viral content and the website is not able to handle the outburst of so many visitors. At such times, the website may crash down and it would make the business face bad times. The host may be helpful at this time or it is time to change the plan of the host.

The disk space may also pose a problem at times, which in turn may affect the performance of the website. The host may provide with any form of unlimited storage but it will be again with the help of the host. So, it is always advisable to upgrade the system of oneself in order to ensure the avoidance of any kind of technical problems. One can easily get updated about these details by keeping a watch on the CPU and the RAM of the server.


The reputed web hosting companies have excellent uptimes and it is analysed that having good amount uptimes is always beneficial for the website. Most of them have 99.5% uptime and some are in the mid-range of 99%. It is not a big factor to be concerned of, but it affects the sales of a particular website.


The support system varies from website to website and the need for it as well. For an experienced person who knows the whereabouts of the WordPress, from installation to every stage, it is not of much of an issue. But the support should be made from the company as told, as they may affect the quality of the one’s website. For a newcomer, it is of great help to resolve issues with one’s website.

Other expectations

There can be many expectations from the companies as the security of the company or the backup they keep about one’s work. Some companies even offer a good amount cached data to simplify works and increased speed eventually, which in order increases the productivity for the website.

There are also different types of web hosting companies and one should also be careful enough to choose the company according to the requirements of the website. They can be cited as under:

  • Free WordPress Hosting
  • Shared WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress VPS Hosting
  • WordPress dedicated server Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

On the whole, it can be said that based on these numerous factors, one should be able to choose the best web hosting company for one’ own website that will suit best and prove eventually excellent in the future.