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Future AI Programs May Predict Which TV Shows Will Be A Hit

Isn’t it amazing how AI has evolved to the point where sci-fi movies become more real than fiction? It’s because companies from all over the world are shaping up the AI into a real-life oracle; yes, as in the type that can predict the future. Hollywood is secretly doing it, scientists keep constantly shaping the AI and some time soon, it will become a valuable asset to filmmakers and TV producers. If anything, showbiz with AI is like building a fantasy football league – mixing and matching the right cast for the right kind of show.

So how does this work?

Let’s find out.

Audience Impact Means Success

Showing the people a bunch of trailers for new shows or brand-new seasons and their reactions will help the AI to determine which will be a hit and which will be a flop. Without you knowing it, the AI can track and predict which TV shows will make it to the top through social media reactions. Comments and retweets, reacts and shares, likes and reposts, they all take account into analyzing which is which that will rise above the rest.

While it’s present in Hollywood, showbiz from other countries currently do not possess such technology…yet. In the meantime, an AI may find out the best Netflix series this season and predict the best TV drama show on Amazon Prime. AT&T implements a virtual poll based on people’s reactions towards the TV show ads on DIRECTV (check out here for the review from Dailywireless) to see which they’ll put on premium while others in the standard plans.

Kids shows make an impact based on their happiness and heart rate, giving the AI a chance to sort out the ones that children are looking forward to and put the others to a non-prime schedule.

Are Predictions from AI Truly Accurate?

In the meantime, producers and analyzers use their intuition to know what to make or break for their projects. The AI predictions serve more like a recommendation rather than a fully-certified virtual prophet that surely knows the next box-office smash hit.

According to TheVerge, “One is that the predictions made by machines are frequently just blindingly obvious. You don’t need a sophisticated and expensive AI software to tell you that a star like Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Cruise will improve the chances of your film being a hit, for example.

Algorithms are also fundamentally conservative. Because they learn by analyzing what’s worked in the past, they’re unable to account for cultural shifts or changes in taste that will happen in the future. This is a challenge throughout the AI industry, and it can contribute to problems like AI bias. (See, for example, Amazon’s scrapped AI recruiting tool that penalized female candidates because it learned to associate engineering prowess with the job’s current male-dominated intake.)”

Algorithms are the Current AI Structures

According to the wiki, an algorithm is a “process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.”

This is what multiple websites (most especially Google and Facebook) use to track your data and determine what you like. You must have been wondering why you keep seeing ads about horse races pop up after you spent time researching about them online or seeing an ad on pre-ordering Cyberpunk 2077 when all you did was browsing through Keanu Reeves E3 memes and looping the gameplay trailer over and over again.

Algorithms are what shape the results in search engines. If people keep typing specific keywords, they will eventually pop up as auto-filled word searches on Google and YouTube.

However, even these are highly flawed. Big YouTube star Pewdiepie even mentioned that the YouTube algorithm is broken and can’t really find what people truly want and instead filling up the recommendation feed with useless and irrelevant videos.

Are We Ready for the Future of AI Predictions?

Currently, the AI is still flawed but there’s nothing that enthusiastic workers can’t fix here. More or less, the AI will keep improving as years go until they enslave the human race.

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