Where to Download Movies in BEST Quality in 2020 1

Where to Download Movies in BEST Quality in 2020

Everyone loves the best quality movies and wants to download them in the easiest possible way. There are a variety of websites that claim to be easy to use, but when the user visits these sites, they realize that downloading the movies from there is not an easy task.

The easiest way to download good quality movies is by torrenting, but there are some websites other than the torrent sites which are good platforms to download high-quality movies. Given below is a list of some torrents as well as other websites which are a great option to download your favorite movie in high quality for free.

Where to Download Movies in BEST Quality in 2020 2


The piratebay is the best torrent site for downloading good quality movies. Almost all the movies in the world are available on Thepiratebay. Not only English but other language movies are also available easily here. Even the web series and TV shows are available on this torrent site.

Thepiratebay website is very neatly organized which gives it a comfortable user interface. To download movies from Thepiratebay, the BitTorrent software must be downloaded. Thepiratebay only offers magnet links for downloading the movies directly. Since many countries have blocked Thepiratebay, it may not be easily accessible and the user might need to use a VPN software. Thepiratebay can also be reached through its proxy or mirror sites. Overall, Thepiratebay remains the most popular and effective website for downloading the best quality movies.


YTS or YIFY torrents website is a heaven for movie lovers. This website is the best torrent website for downloading high-quality movies at a reasonable size. The main collection of this site is Hollywood and English language movies, but recently it has added many foreign-language movies as well. The user doesn’t need to worry about the downloading speed of the movies as the YTS torrents are usually very fast. The torrents are also trustworthy, that is, the information given about the torrent is never fake and the user will get what they are looking for. YTS offers magnet links, but the user can also download the torrents and keep it for later use.

The website of YTS is very precisely categorized and is better than Thepiratebay by means of categorization. Thepiratebay displays a lot of search results for one movie, but the YTS displays only one result for a particular movie, and the different qualities of the movie are given inside that title itself. This makes YTS the most user-friendly website for downloading movies in high quality. YTS is usually easily accessible, but if it is not available then the user can use a VPN software, or the proxy or mirror sites. A plus point of YTS is that it has its own subtitle downloading website, known as YTS Subtitles. The viewer does not need to look for subtitles anyway else.


1337X is another torrent site that has almost everything, which makes it the second most visited torrent website as of 2020. This is the best torrent site to download random movies as it has a Popular Movies section for both English and other languages. 1337X has a News section for movies related news. It also has a specific genre-related lists section for downloading movies of the trending genres. 1337X also started its Official Forum in March 2020. It is advisable to use VPN software to reach 1337X. Proxy servers and mirror sites can also access the 1337X website.


Limetorrents is also a very popular torrenting website and is a lot like Thepiratebay. The categorization of the Limetorrents is also similar to that of Thepiratebay. This site provides torrents for movies, series, games, applications, and much more. The search results on this website display the Seeders VS Leechers ratio which makes it easier for the user to find out the fastest torrent. Limetorrents provides the magnet links to download from the BitTorrent software, as well as the user can download a torrent for later use. A VPN software can be used to reach the Limetorrents site. Proxy and mirror sites also work well for Limetorrents.


Mydownloadtube is one of the most popular websites for downloading movies in high quality. The user does not need to register here for downloading movies. It has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easier for the user to find what they are looking for. It also offers online streaming and gaming facilities. Mydownloadtube provides the links and torrents for downloading a particular movie. So if one link does not work, another will. It also provides the screenshots, trailers, and other useful information about the movie, so that the users can decide what they want to watch.


123GOStream is a great website to download high-quality movies. It is basically a streaming platform, but the user can also download the movies for free. It has a very comfortable and user-friendly interface and categorization.

Watch Movies Free

As the name suggests, Watch Movies Free is literally a free streaming website. It has all the latest movies to watch for free, as well as the user can even download them at high quality for free. The Home page has genre categories where the user can search a movie in a specific genre. This site also uploads Bollywood movies. It has a Soon section which has a list of movies that will be released in some time.


Movie4star is a website that provides free links for downloading movies in high quality. All the latest movies are available on this website easily. An amazing feature of this site is that it also offers many English dubbed movies. The categorization and the interface of this website are very user friendly.


FMovies is a topmost site for downloading movies in high quality. It always keeps its database up to date, so that the users can always find the latest movies. The users can watch the movies online, and it also provides links for downloading the movies. FMovies provides more than one link for downloading so that if a link does not work, the user can always try the alternative ones.

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