Do You Need LED Lights to See Better at Night?

There are some situations when you must drive after the Sun comes down.

Some people have to work at night. Others, especially during the summer, prefer to travel at nighttime when the temperature is lower. And sometimes, there are some emergencies when it is necessary to use the car at night.

The most significant danger during night ride is low visibility and poor lighting.

People receive most of the information through the senses of vision.

In the evening, this ability is reduced.

The perception of distance, the estimate of the speed at which other cars move, and approach your vehicle is lower when it’s dark.

A technically correct vehicle is the first thing for a safe night ride.

The correctness of the light signalization is of the utmost importance, but its quality must not be neglected either. As seen on Ledlightstreet.com, LED headlights are one of the trends that many drivers want to see on their cars. This new technology affects the aesthetics, but also the functionality of vehicles.

LED Technology Is the Present and the Future

The car industry has made significant progress in recent years. Car manufacturers made improvements in security, comfort, digitalization, and lighting. Nowadays, most brands have been installing LED technologies in their vehicles.

Besides many advantages over old technologies, LEDs are an excellent solution for mass production. Economic cost-effectiveness makes them an ideal option for modern vehicles.

Still, people install them on older car models too.

The principle by which tiny LED bulbs work is not simple.

It represents the constant flow of electrons through a semiconductor.

When a free electric particle falls into a ‘hole’ that is at a lower energy level, it will lose energy.

This power loss releases photons (elementary particles of light). And when this process repeats several thousand times a second, it results in the diode’s light emitted.

Benefits of LEDs


Besides making your car look more attractive, the set of these diodes improves the vehicle’s performance. Compared to standard halogen bulbs, diodes provide higher brightness and coverage of the road ahead of you.

That’s of great importance, especially in night driving conditions. Better visibility means better response to potential obstacles and dangers on the road.

High Energy-Efficiency Rate

Light-emitting diodes involve the application of technology that uses less energy.

These headlights work via light-emitting diodes.

They run without the need for large power consumption. It’s beneficial both for drivers and carmakers.

These tiny bulbs need a lower voltage to run compared to standard halogen bulbs.

They need approximately ten times less electricity than conventional lights.

And that makes them extremely energy efficient. That comes in handy when you need them turned on during the night.

An increasing number of manufacturers of standard, electric, and hybrid cars are opting for this technology.

Compared to halogens, this improvement created space for increasing the prices of new vehicles.

On the link below, see a comparison of diodes, HID, and halogen bulbs:


Flexibility of Design

LED bulbs are tiny, only a few millimeters in diameter.

They do not contain harmful elements, such as lead, mercury, or cadmium, which is typical for HID bulbs.

Hence, LEDs can be assembled in a variety of forms.

Thanks to their small dimensions, they enable the design of all possible shapes that fit perfectly into the car’s lines.

These diodes can emit light in different temperature colors. This feature gives them a high aesthetic value. The rate ​​of the temperature color is always indicated in Kelvins.

These values differ for white, yellow, blue, and so on. When choosing the color of LEDs for your car, you should pay attention to this detail.


Another reason why led emitting diodes are taking over the market is their convenience and ease of maintenance. These tiny bulbs don’t emit heat. In fact, they are cold to the touch.

So they don’t need any coolers or insulation.

Still, they are not completely cold, as heating occurs in the light source – emitter.

Since there are many cables and connections around, installing a cooling system is necessary to avoid these problems.

Cars with factory LEDs already have these systems.

The transition between high and low beams is more comfortable with diodes. When you need these two beams, see on this source. They allow drivers to adjust the light level while driving automatically. For example, you can set the light, depending on whether you are driving through an urban area or on a highway. It reduces the possibility of blinding other traffic participants.

Driving at night is a source of stress and real dangers.

The general recommendation is to avoid sitting behind the wheel during the dark. Still, if you must drive at nighttime, make sure you have correct headlights of the best quality.

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