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Do I Need A Shopify SEO Agency?

Outsourcing your SEO requirements is not a fad trend. You end up doubling, or even tripling your returns with the right SEO partners.

Shopify’s drag and drop options are great, but if you want to be number one, you need Shopify SEO experts on your team. Here’s why:

Your Site Structure Is Optimized For Google

Simplicity is the key to navigating most things in life. Shopify SEO experts know very well how a simple-to-navigate site is loved by your customers and search bots alike.

  • General industry practice is to “allow customers to find any product within three clicks of the homepage.”
  • An expert knows how to make your website more scalable. This means that you can add any number of products or categories without having to adjust your overall site structure.

If you rely on Shopify alone, you might have issues with the structure of your site, making it difficult for your customers and search bots to navigate through.

You Have The Right Keywords To Rank Your Site

A Shopify SEO company has experts who can help you have a high-performing website using the right keywords.

If you don’t use keywords that your customers are actively searching for, you’re wasting your efforts and actually losing more money in the process.

  • Shopify SEO agency experts have access to tools like Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahref, and other powerful tools to help you get the exact keywords your customers are searching for. This way, your content can be directed towards their query.
  • You also get insights on how they use these keywords to avoid penalties from Google.

On-page Optimization Ensure Your Ranking Improves

SEO for Shopify includes on-page optimization techniques that can take your site to the first search results page. Here’s what the experts at a digital marketing agency do for your site:

  • They audit your website for broken links, heavy files, irrelevant/ outdated keywords, duplicate content, and more using tools like Google Search Console, Ahrefs, GrowthBar, etc.
  • They fix issues with broken links, duplicate content, etc.
  • They ensure that all your content has the right tags for headings, titles, content, images, links, meta descriptions, meta titles, etc.
  • Their expert content writers ensure you get the best content in your blogs, meta descriptions, product descriptions, alt texts, etc.
  • Their expert web developers ensure you have no broken links, duplicate content, slow-loading images or videos.
  • They also ensure your best-performing products/ content is seen by your customers first.
  • They give you a strategy to grow your business.

You Get Backlinks

A great part of having Shopify SEO experts on your team is that they know how to grow your market share.

  • They find the most relevant websites in your industry for you to post as a guest, so more people know of your brand.
  • They can help you get backlinks from your business partners (distributors and producers).
  • They perform competitor analysis and get you backlinks used by your competitors.
  • They can monitor your brand’s mentions and leverage that information to help you get more traffic to your website.

Your Site Has Schema Markups

Google and other search engines use schema markups to find different properties of your product. When your customer types in their search query, Google’s snippets are a result of these markups.

  • A great Shopify SEO agency knows how to use your keywords so that your content comes up in snippets.
  • They also know the importance of customer reviews and optimize your site, so Google recommends you for the search query.
  • They use the right Shopify apps that can help your content show up as search results.

Your Site Performs At A High Loading Speed

In 2021, you know that most if not all the users in the world access the internet through their phones. This also means that the average user has no patience waiting for your site to load.

  • SEO for Shopify is required to reduce bounce rates.
  • An SEO expert can use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights to analyze the areas in your website that need improvement.
  • They would optimize your images.
  • They will comb through redundant Shopify extensions and apps that slow your speed down.
  • Third-party themes are a major culprit in slowing your website speed, and your SEO expert can help you select the right theme for your website.
  • They will check if your liquid codes are too complex.
  • They will remove pop-ups and other featured product snippets that are no longer relevant.

Your Site Is Responsive

Although Shopify ensures that almost all their themes are mobile-friendly, an SEO expert can help:

  • Use a fixed navigation bar
  • Focusing on product images
  • Optimizing text for mobile readers, etc.

What’s the difference between a brand that is #1 on Google search and one that’s now? We’re willing to bet an expert Shopify SEO agency.

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