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As you start your preparation for GATE exam, you’ll realize that investing enough time in preparation, practice, and consistently increasing the level of knowledge is all that can help you crack it. With traditional learning taking a backseat, we equip you with the most suitable, free of cost online medium to avoid any hindrance that may occur in your preparation. These YouTube channels comprise the best material with detailed information and explanation of all related concepts.

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1. Learning Z Everything

The channel is created by a highly qualified professional, Mr. Venkat for all those learners who find it difficult to understand advanced professional course as Electronics. In addition to this, the qualified faculty deficit in most of the Engineering colleges results in making the students suffer. They find it difficult to understand the concepts provided in the books. It provides you a deep insight into all the concepts of Electronics through the video lectures. You are also taught the ways to implement different electronic circuits through computer stimulation for understanding and testing the concepts.


This channel enables you to prepare for GATE, IES, and PSU examination. The channel covers many subjects like Reasoning, Geography, Aptitude, and other non-tech subjects. The concepts are taught from the roots imparting a clear understanding of the concepts.


The channel is run by Sohail Ansari, a qualified professional. If you cannot afford to get enrolled in a coaching center for preparing the exam, this channel is a right choice for you. The channel delivers free lectures helping you to prepare for the exam. The lecture provided consist of Theory & previous year GATE along with IES numerical. This channel can help you at great if your truly are aspiring to crack GATE.

4. GATE lectures by Ravindra Babu Ravula

In this channel, Ravindra Babu Ravula delivers GATE classes for IT/CS students. Holding a Master Degree in computer science from IISc Bangalore, he works as a senior software engineer for CISCO SYSTEMS. He has been training students for GATE entrance exam and himself scored 99.67 percentile in GATE. You can rely on this channel as many toppers have been produced by the lectures of Ravindra Babu ravula.


It is a channel for computer science engineering students. The lectures are also delivered for BSC, MCA, MSC etc. students. The channel is operated by Sanchit Jain who hold more than 6 years of experience in teaching. He provides free CSE lectures for all subjects including data base management system, data structure, operating system, compiler, algorithms, theory of computation, etc. which helps you in appearing in GATE computer science and NET computer science etc.

6. Techtud

Techtud is a free socio-technical initiative by experts from IITs and IISc to promote online technical education for everyone. The main idea behind this channel is to create an all the way different educational culture based on the principle of active indulgence. Now, the channel is looking forward to expanding its horizons beyond the boundaries of GATE or computer science. Start learning now if you want to prepare for your GATE exam well.

7. Civilocity

This channel aims to deliver the best content for preparation of GATE. Soon, the channel is going to expand to add all the subjects of civil engineering from SOM to professional ethics. If you want to prepare well for your GATE examination, this channel can help you at great.

8. Gate Instructors

Gate Instructors is managed by Pravendra Singh who holds a degree in M.Tech from IIT, Kanpur. He has been training many students for preparation of GATE. The channel provides Engineering Mathematics and Aptitude video solutions to all the previous GATE papers for CS/MCA/IT/EC/EE/CE/ME students. The channel also covers topic wise video solutions to all previous GATE papers for IT/CS students. The instructors available at this channel offer GATE classroom training, correspondence training, E-learning program and Mock Test Series for GATE, NET etc. The channels serves a good option for you to prepare for GATE.

9. Neso Academy

The channel delivers free lectures to the students from around the world. You may find all the relevant lectures for preparing GATE with a deep and clear understanding of the concepts. So, if you want to prepare for GATE join the channel and start marching towards your destination.

10. Ekeeda

This channel provides Engineering video lectures, courses, tutorials & study material for diploma and degree scholars. The channel delivers detailed knowledge of Engineering Diploma and degree subjects by sequentially organizing the lectures ranging from easy to difficult level.

These 10 channels can help you at their best if you are aspiring to crack GATE. Connect to any of the channel and get free video lectures at any topic anytime with detailed information.

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