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Understanding DNC Scrubbing and Do Not Call Registry

DNC or a Do Not Call List Scrubbing is a colloquialism for electronic filtering that is common in telemarketers. This is when the owner of a phone number does not want to receive any marketing offers and solicitation calls, and the filtering process is usually made in real-time.

This scrubbing can be performed automatically or manually. It is preferable to get an automated solution to download all the numbers with the help of DNC scrubbing online software to avoid making mistakes. In the manual way of doing things, the telemarketers may need to download the numbers from the website and make sure that they do not call specific customers to avoid penalties.

This is a registry that protects consumers’ rights, and to avoid getting into trouble, telemarketing companies should usually get these things right the first time. Federal and state laws safeguard consumer rights, and this is something that telemarketers should abide by to run a more successful campaign.

The DNC Registry helps consumers to choose whether they do or do not want to receive telemarketing calls. Today, more than 221 million numbers are on the list, and it can be challenging to scrub everything manually.

About the National Registry

The National Do Not Call Registry was established in 2003 by the Federal Communications Commission, where telemarketers are provided with a phone number list that belongs to consumers who do not want to receive any kind of calls. Read more about the Registry when you click here.

The list was created as part of the telemarketing sales rules that require: 1. Telemarketers must make specific disclosures on the information and materials they provide; 2. It’s essential to avoid any kind of misrepresentation, and there’s a set limit on the time when the telemarketers can make a call; 3. Prohibits the calling of consumers who don’t want to receive such calls; 4. A need to set payment restrictions for specific sales of products and services.

How are the Telemarketers Using the Registry?

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Before placing a telemarketing call, unless there is an exception, most companies are required to the DNC registry. They are required to pay the necessary fees and scrub the numbers that are on the list. Most of the service providers may also give access to the list. The sole purpose of receiving the numbers is to make sure that no solicitations are made for these specific consumers.

Protection of Consumer Rights

Most of the customers that register their mobile phones or landlines with the DNC registry have the right to do so, especially today that many scams are becoming rampant on the internet. Approximately 14 states have their own associated regulations and DNC registries that aim to protect the citizens from unwanted calls. Telemarketing companies must comply with state and federal regulations to avoid fines and penalties.

Most of these telemarketers are advised to update and maintain their own list from time to time because many consumers are adding their numbers on an hourly basis. Aside from the international list, there should also be written policies and management of the DNC registry that is implemented in the company. More information about this can be found here: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/media-resources/do-not-call-registry.


If the consumer’s landline or mobile number is registered, this does not mean that he or she will not receive any telemarketing calls at all. Some provide consent on their telecommunications provider and other organizations where they want to receive communication to get updates.

Telemarketing representatives from companies are only allowed to make calls to the customers who do the following:

  • Have expressly agreed over the phone and in writing to receive communications on behalf of the seller
  • Provides conspicuous request, clear, and affirmative consent for a specific telemarketer
  • Give another number to call as part of the agreement

Violation of the Requirements

The following are considered violations of the DNC, TSR, and other federal regulations:

  • Using the phone numbers for any other purpose aside from complying with the regulations
  • Interference in the consumers’ rights to be placed in the DNC Registry
  • Placing a telemarketing call to the person included in the registry unless the representatives are qualified to get an exemption, including establishing a business relationship

Exemptions for the Calls

With the exemption of establishing a business relationship to the customer with a phone number registered to the DNC, the consumer may have done one or two of the following:

  • Made purchases, leased, or rented the telemarketer’s goods and services. The transaction involved should be made within 18 months preceding the subject of the call; or
  • They made inquiries about the goods and services within three months of the telemarketing call.

Safe Harbor Exemptions

Most of the telemarketers are not usually subjected to sanctions or civil penalties when they erroneously make a telemarketing call on a number that is included in the DNC Registry provided that it has a synchronized calling list and an updated version of the registry every 31 days.

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