Five Undeniable Tricks to Get More Likes on Each Photo 1

Five Undeniable Tricks to Get More Likes on Each Photo

People like attention on social media. It makes them feel good about themselves when their friends and family members like and praise their photos.

Many people also do it for marketing purposes.

However, it’s not exactly a piece of cake to get likes, reactions, and shares. You have to keep uploading pictures with consistency and try to engage all people in your circle.

Here are some tips that are known to help increase reactions on photos uploaded on social media channels.

Use Humor with Each Picture

Try to write something funny but relevant to the picture when you upload it.

You would know your friends and their humor better.

Make sure that you don’t write something that would offend someone.

It should be something that is lightly funny and somewhat defines an attribute of the pictures.

For example, you can write a funny quote about yourself or the person that took that photo.

Even if someone didn’t like the photo, he might like the humor.

When you create emotions in viewers, they don’t scroll down without liking it.

If you write something that really impressed them, they will share it.

Practice Becoming Photogenic

Yes, anyone can be photogenic, and no, you are not born with it.

People who look good in pictures are born pretty or they practiced becoming photogenic.

They know what suits them. They have tried many different poses and styles and tested them to see if they look good. If you look good in a picture, it will get more likes. One doesn’t have to be your admirer to like your picture.

Just make sure you don’t give them a reason not to.

Always Edit Your Pictures before Uploading

There are always some flaws when you take a picture.

You have to remove those flaws using a photo editing tool. It is recommended to avoid the built-in editor of your mobile phone. Everyone is already familiar with its filters and editing features. They can easily point out the settings you used just by looking at the pictures you uploaded. It’s better to download photo editing software that doesn’t require any prior training. You can edit any picture with advanced filters and settings with a few simple clicks.

Five Undeniable Tricks to Get More Likes on Each Photo 2

Like and Comment on Other’s Pictures

It’s by far the best way to get likes and shares on a personal social media profile.

If you are an active member and like, comment, and share all posts of people in your circle, they will always return the favor. You don’t have to ask them to make a pact with you.

Simply, become more active in commenting and you will see the difference in how people do the same for you.

Schedule Your Posts at the Right Time

The time you upload a photo also impacts the reactions it will get. Professional social media managers believe the time between 10 PM and 3 AM is better to upload a picture. People are using these sites during these hours. This allows the post to get more views and engagement.

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