How to Use Shrink Wrapping Machine

As a consumer, have you ever noticed that the majority of products that are currently offered in the market are neatly sealed using plastic?

However, the reasons why many business owners and manufacturers come up with products that are neatly sealed is that are using a shrink wrapping machine.

How to Use Shrink Wrapping Machine 1

Actually, this packaging technology is very common and popular for packaging industries.

However, if you are a business owner but do not have any idea about shrink wrapping machine then this is for you. In this article, we will show you what shrink wrapping machines are and how to make use of them.

So let’s, get started.

What is Shrink Wrapping Machines?

A shrink wrapping machine is used to wrap and seal a wide variety of products from containers to foods. As what we have mentioned a while ago, this machine is commonly found in businesses particularly packaging businesses. The majority of these businesses opt for this kind of machine so that they will be able to finish the job in just a short period of time.

A shrink wrapping machine, on the other hand, comes in various types such as L-bar sealers, heat sealers, l-bar, and straight bar sealers. However, each of this machine has their own uses and purposes. That is why, as a business owner you need to make sure that you should choose the right type of shrink wrapping machine.

Either way, you can visit Maripak if you want to see some of the shrink wrapping machines that are being offered in the market.

Now that you already, what a shrink wrapping machine is, let us now move on, on how to utilize this machine.

How to make use of an L-bar Sealer?

This kind of shrink wrap machine is perfect for easy and quick shrink film packaging. As a matter of fact, they are very easy to use.

Steps for Using an L-bar Sealer

  • Set the timer
  • Place the product between the two layers of film (centerfold)
  • Press the sealing bar downwards
  • Slowly and carefully pull the product away from the machine. However, the element wire will be the one to seal the edges
  • Cut the film
  • Using a shrink tunnel or heat gun, apply a hot air to the product to shrink the film.

How to make use of an l-bar Sealer?

The l-bar sealer is perfect for processing low to medium size operations. However, this shrink wrapping machine only utilizes single bar for wrapping or sealing. So as a result, with this machine, wrapping of products requires more time.

Steps for using an l-bar Sealer

  • Turn on the l-bar sealer
  • Choose the best type of shrink and size as well for the products you will be wrapping
  • Position the product to the shrink film (centerfold)
  • Seal all the sides using a shrink film cylinder
  • Using the heat gun, shrink the film tightly
  • Then check the packaging quality of the product before moving to a process known as shrinking

Either way, see more with Maripak about shrink machines for more information. However, visiting the said website will help you to find the right shrink wrapping machine that is suitable for your business needs.

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