4 Working Strategies to Earn Money from YouTube 1

 4 Working Strategies to Earn Money from YouTube

You can still make money with YouTube today. Via the most popular video site, you can become rich without a product, without technical knowledge, and without proper training.

You may have heard it before. Young women with a beautiful face who give a makeup tutorial about famous Hollywood stars. The instructional videos allow teenagers to walk around like Rihanna or Lady Gaga.

These films are viewed and it yields these new ‘stars’ thousands of dollars per month . I will reveal the secret of this method – sorry ladies of the makeup tutorials.

Many people think that how much money do youtubers make By just uploading few videos on youtube ..maximum 100$, But they are actually unaware about few youtuber who are millionaire due to this platform only.

Actual earning of YouTube is depend on your viewer base country, the time they are watching your video and number of subscriber you have. If your viewer belongs to India or Pakistan then your earning will be less but if they belong to USA or UK then you will get approx. 5 time of earning.

The number of views on any video is affected by many factors like your voice quality, your video quality, way of presentation, the title of video and intro of video(many people left video if intro not good..).

You can also use YouTube intro maker and create appealing intro so the viewer will keep watching your video and that help in increase users.

So in this post, we will try to cover all the ways one can make money on YouTube.

Earn money with YouTube You can do it too!

Earn money with YouTube. It is a strategy that does not seem viable. Every day, thousands of videos are uploaded on the video channel. Thousands of videos from people who want to share something.

Many of these people have unfortunately / happily went clear plan. They only throw a few videos on YouTube and hope for a few clicks and a little profit. With a solid plan and a passion for the subject of your videos, you can cash in.

Earning money through YouTube requires visitors. This does not necessarily have to be a lot. I am going to give 3 strategies for earning money with YouTube.

1. Making money with YouTube: draw visitors!

It is a law that is parents than the road to Rome; when you attract a lot of visitors, you will earn a lot of money. Companies want to pay to be allowed to advertise on your channel!

Advertising works and you can benefit from that. Plant your video channel full of advertising and walk in while you sleep. You then only have to attract visitors.

You do this by cutting popular topics:

  • Makeup tutorials
  • Humorous videos
  • Sports videos
  • News about famous Dutch people

Choose a topic for which you have passion! This way you can earn money with YouTube. Be creative and commercial.

2. Making money with Youtube Provide subscribers

Subscribers are the best way to hold your visitors. Provide a constant stream of interesting videos. The visitors will subscribe and view several videos of you.

YouTube will appreciate this and promote your channel more often to people. The snowball effect is born and within no time you walk inside. In the world of YouTube, there is no room for one hit wonders.

3. Making money with YouTube Affiliate program

Attract visitors. It can be a lot of work and costs a lot of sweat. Fortunately, there is also a way not to have the pressure of visitors. This is the affiliate program!

The affiliate program is a way to sell other people’s products with a percentage commission. Your link to the product via your YouTube channel and receive a percentage per click or per item sold.

Many companies outsource the marketing to external partners. In exchange for marketing, these marketers, like you, get the commission.

The commission often varies between 5% and 95 %! My tip is to find an interesting partner via PayPro in a niche of your interest. You may attract fewer visitors, but you can walk in because of the interest of the people within that niche. They are quicker to purchase related products.

4. Making money with YouTube by review other product

Many people showing a review of a product like a mobile or some gadgets and when their youtube channel starts getting good traffic then many companies approach them to review positive about their product.

Main reason being is, people who are watching the video of that particular product are target user and there is a high chance of getting sell that product.

For the company, it’s a one-time investment and their product getting more famous if any popular youtuber review their product.

I currently earn over 150 dollar a day with my YouTube channel. I put a movie a few times a month and enter without difficulty. Top strategy!

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