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Important Things to Consider Before Hiring an IT Support Team

If you have a company where most of your employees are not tech smart, yet internet plays a very important role in your business, then it is high time that you must think about hiring the right IT support team. Even a day without internet will cause you a huge loss of man hours, which ultimately contributes to the overall expenditure of the company.

However before you schedule your interviews, it’s important to know the key skills required to perform the role appropriately. A right candidate will add value to your company and will make sure that IT is neither compromised nor stagnant.

So here’s a list of important criteria’s that your Potential candidate much fulfil:

Candidates overall experience –

You probably are not looking at hiring a fresher out of a graduate school, who would be more of a learner than a performer. Well, although we do not want to sound anti-fresher’s, yet to handle the IT of an organisation you need a more experienced candidate who has previously managed the IT infrastructure in other companies. Such experiences help organizations to deal with issues promptly and use the candidate’s experience to develop new IT avenues.

Communication Skills

Since the IT person would be responsible for solving the IT issues of the entire organisation, therefore the candidate must have a strong communication skill so that he/ she can interact with different departments and understand their IT challenges. Further he should also be confident enough to train them on how to use new software and create IT awareness.

Achievements at Work

IT is a very important part of an organization, especially in today’s professional environment where most transactions happen online. Therefore you need an IT professional who can handle all aspects of IT, i.e. both hardware and software. In this regard, ask the candidate about his top 5 professional achievements or accolades. Ask him if he has handled any crisis situations and how. These question will help you understand the areas where the candidate can be a great asset. Based on the responses, you can evaluate the candidate and make the right choice.

Flexible to work on Holidays

IT crisis can occur anytime, and if you leave them unattended for days, then they might hamper your work process. Therefore the IT person must be open to work beyond the stipulated working hours and also on holidays, only when required. This scenario is more applicable for companies who handle external clients. Thus in this situation, if the client’s problem is not solved promptly then there is huge the risk of losing business.

Cyber Security Experience

 Today the risk of hackers is huge. A lot of companies have recently suffered great loses due to cyber-attacks and the moment you think that no one would be interested in your DATA, that’s the time you make the biggest mistake. Every piece of data related to your company/ business/ customers/ clients is worth millions of dollars, and the cybercriminals are always on a look out for such companies where IT is compromised. Therefore it is important that the candidate has experience of handling the security aspects of your IT systems. A professional candidate will make your IT security and will prevent it from being attacks by dangerous malware.


If you keep the above pointers in mind, then we are sure that you will find the right IT professional, yet if you don’t find, then consider outsourcing the IT service of your company to an external IT team. This practice is quite popular in the United States where the entire IT service in Utah is mostly outsourced. The Managed IT service team works independently, yet provides 24*7 IT service to their clients. Therefore you could also consider the outsourcing option.

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