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Last updated on 06/08/2017

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TechGeekers.com team focuses on providing the valuable tips, tricks and tutorial of the latest technology buzzing in the present world. All the content and material prepared for TechGeekers is reviewed and edited to make sure that it delivers the exact information which is suitable to its vision of born. All the article go through amendment if needed after reviewing. However it is possible that the article can consists some mistakes. If anyone found such mistake please make sure to let we know the possible issue to rectify it for the future visitors. TechGeekers team is not responsible for the consequences happen by any mistake that may be present in the posts here.

All the article providing tips for doing a task are firstly performed on out system to check its reliability and are on the working condition since the date of posting it. However it is possible to get these articles outdated. The versions of the softwares it definitively supports is clearly mentioned in their respective posts. TechGeekers team routinely check their article for finding possible outdated things. If you have got the outdated issue with any tricks. Please contact us so, we can update the corresponding article.

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