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In this age, when social media has taken over our lives by storm, you have to look the best in all your photos and videos. The Smartphone application Snapseed help us enhance our raw photos and make them larger than life. The application works like a charm and is fairly easy to use.

Little Inside into Snapseed

Snapseed was launched by Nik Software in 2011 for iPad. Later in 2012 Google took control of the application and in 2015 Snapseed was successfully introduced to both IOS and Android.

Tips on Using Snapseed for Optimum Utilization:

Healing Feature

Although you get the perfect shot, a lot of times your picture is hindered with a small yet significant unnecessary object. Manipulating the mood you want to create with your picture. Be it a person in the background or an object near the foreground. With Snapseeds “Healing” feature you can easily eliminate these objects.

Use– Click on the Healing tab, select the area you want to make the changes on and continue tapping until you get the edited version.

2.  Face Transformation

Be it a group photo or a selfie, sometimes you don’t make the face you think you are making while taking these photos. With the “Pose” tool on Snapseed, you can make changes to your face. It allows manipulation in the lip, cheek and pupil area. Playing this feather on a big screen is more fun. You can download Snapseed for your computer to enjoy all these awesome feathers.

Use– click on the “Pose” tool and slide the smiling bar to choose the proportion of smile on the face.

3. Save Look

There are times when you have created the perfect edit. Now, you don’t want to work so hard on every photo to get the same look again and again. Hence, the “Save Look” feature on your Snapseed application will save the edit for you to apply it again on some other photo.

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Use– click on the “Save Look” tab to save the current look.

4. Perspective

In a lot of portraits and still images, the point of view is crucial. Sometimes you think you have positioned the camera right for the perfect POV shot, however, same would not be the case. The Snapseed application depicts the changes in POV and allows its user to change the perspective of the photo. It is possible through google’s AI and machine learning system used in the application.

Use– click on the “Perspective” tool and choose among tilt, rotate, scale and free options to set your picture right.

5. Double Exposure

Every seen those spectacular landscape photos? It’s the exposure game. Snapseed allows tweaks in the ratio of exposure.

Use– select on the Double Exposure tool from the list of tools. Make changes in the photo and in the end select exposure from a wide array of modes. From lighten, darken to overlay and subtract.

These were tips that can come in handy while using the Snapseed app. One of the lightest and user-friendly applications, Snapseed is the perfect app for all the millennials.

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