Why You Should Set Your VPN On Your Router Instead Of Your PC 1

Why You Should Set Your VPN On Your Router Instead Of Your PC

The online world is filled with all kinds of malice and problems. As the online world is teaming up with hackers and cybercrime, not a day passes when we don’t witness a major security hack in a major corporation. Minor cases, like those that happen with individuals, don’t grab much attention but they happen on a much greater number than what we see in the news.

And if that’s not all, the online world is filled with all kinds of restrictions as well. These restrictions limit our online freedom and make it difficult for us to access our favorite websites online.

In a world filled with all of these issues, a VPN comes in as an effective solution to all of these problems. With a VPN, you can combat these threats and bypass blockages with ease. VPN is the perfect solution to solve your online woes.

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How can you avoid the online woes with a VPN?

The online world is filled with all kinds of restrictions. A VPN can help you avoid these restrictions by putting a set of features at your disposal. Depending on the VPN service that you’re using, you can avoid online restrictions of all kinds and also reinforce your online security and privacy. But how can a VPN achieve all this? Allow me to explain.

Avoid Cybercrime with VPN

As mentioned above, the online world is a dangerous place for all of its inhabitants. Whether you’re a celebrity or an ordinary web surfer, you all are equally exposed to the dangers on the web.

Moving on from the days of pick-pocketing and theft, modern thieves like to call themselves hackers. These modern-day “cybercriminals” spend all day sitting in their rooms or cafes searching for loopholes in websites or networks that they are connected to. And it is not difficult to locate these loopholes and use them for their illegal financial means.

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We’ve all heard about databases owned by major brands such as Facebook and LinkedIn getting hacked into by hackers. These hackers then use this data to blackmail these brands, or they just sell the data on the dark web.

Another method that they employ is hacking into WiFi networks. Accessing a WiFi network means that these hackers can look into or even steal whatever information that is passing through the network. They can even go one step further and hack into any device that is connected to the WiFi network. This is dangerous because this effectively means that hackers and cybercriminals now have possession of any data stored on your phone. This method is most often employed with Public WiFi networks, but it is also used upon the router devices set up at home.

The dangers of mass surveillance

Another major problem that we face every day without even realizing that we’re facing them is mass surveillance. In the name of “National Security,” major intelligence bureaus and other agencies have been involved in surveilling over the mass population.

How do they do this? These agencies use the meta-data captured by your ISP to track your browsing history. This helps them keep an eye on what websites you visit each day or any messages that you send over social networking websites and emails.

And if this information isn’t enough, they even resort to illegal means of accessing your data. As revealed by Edward Snowden, many intelligence agencies use tools that can even access your webcam devices. This allows them to literally keep an eye on you. Imagine yourself in your room changing clothes directly in front of your phone or your laptop. As revealed by Edward Snowden, it has happened in the past when agents were found stalking models and watching them in their most intimate moments, enjoying whatever they see on the screens.

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How a VPN helps protect you from these threats?

Depending on the VPN service that you’re using, you can protect yourself from all these kinds of threats with ease. Major VPN providers, such as PureVPN, protect your online activities with the help of encryption.

In the case of PureVPN, the service provides you with AES-256 bit military grade encryption. This is the most powerful form of online encryption that you can get your hands on. Those who are aware regarding the Apple vs FBI case that happened not too long ago would know how secure encryption is. Let alone hackers and cybercriminals, even the biggest and most notorious surveillance agencies cannot access your online activities or keep an eye on what you’re doing on the web if you have encryption.

Furthermore, PureVPN provides access to over 2,000+ servers in 140 countries. This helps you in two different ways. Firstly, you can be anonymous when connected to any server. Because these servers have multiple users connected to them, it produces a sort of camouflage that keeps your online activities safe and private.

Secondly, this method allows you to access anything online. No matter if the website is censored or geo-restricted at your location, you can still access it with a VPN. A VPN allows you to change your IP location by connecting to its servers. This will let you access any website that is accessible at the server location with which you are connected to.

Why you should setup VPN on your Router?

Although VPN services, like PureVPN, offer apps on almost every platform including on iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, it is still preferable if you install your VPN on your router instead of your devices. This would mean that you won’t have to connect and disconnect your VPN on all the devices that you’re using. You will just have to connect with your home WiFi network and you will immediately be connected to the security that comes with a VPN.

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Any hacker or cybercriminal who tries to access your network will not be able to do so because your network is already secured with the security offered by a VPN service.

Installing a VPN on your router device is easy. This router manual setup guide will help you setup PureVPN on any router device that you’re using at home.

Wrapping Up…

VPNs are helpful in a lot many cases. They ensure that you continue receiving the online freedom that was envisioned when the internet was created. Furthermore, they offer you with complete online security and privacy. Setting up the VPN on your router will ensure that not just you, but everyone at your home enjoys the security and privacy that comes with a secure VPN connection.

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