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How to Map Your CTA to the Sales Cycle?

The most important thing for any company’s marketing strategy is the call-to-action (CTA). This is the thing that helps companies not only hook customers but also tell them what the company action the company expects from them. Companies must ensure that there is a CTA at every engagement point between the company and the prospect.

Giving the prospect a choice on what they can do next can destroy all the good work the company has done in trying to convert them. That is why companies do not want to give them a choice.

Companies must have a strategy for placing their CTA

Many companies do place CTA on their site, but they place them randomly. It is true that having a CTA randomly placed is better than not having a CTA. However, if companies want to truly take advantage of CTA they must have a proper strategy. The strategy should be such that it persuades their customers to go deeper into their sales funnel and not out of it.

Steps that companies can take to make maximum use of CTA

There are a few steps that companies can do to ensure that they are using their CTA to the maximum possible extent.

Companies should decide what offer or CTA they are going to place at which stage of the sales cycle

Before a company can be starting placing their CTA, they must know what they can say to their customer in the form of CTA. To do this they must under the different stages present. These stages will vary from company to company as well as from business to business. However, these stages can be broadly classified into three

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By identifying the different stages companies can be able to identify which offer can be made at each stage. This can sometimes be a bit difficult when done using an excel spreadsheet. But companies have to do this step. There is another advantage of identifying which CTA to use at which stage is that companies can identify the holes that might exist in their content strategy.

Companies align web pages with a CTA

Companies must go through their websites and identify which all pages are suitable for which stage. Once they have identified the desired pages, they start putting the desired CTA for each stage on the corresponding pages. For these companies must make use of two things. The analytics of their website and the other is their common sense. Companies should, however, remember that they should not place any CTA on the landing page that has their offers.

Making the best of common sense

Companies can identify which web page is suitable for which stage by using their common sense. For example, the about us page can mean the customer wants to know more details of the company. This means that they are most likely at the awareness stage.

Making use of analytics

Greater marketers do not rely solely on common sense, they heavily use the data available to make their decisions. This is where analytics comes into the picture.

Companies identify which offer is best for which stage

Now that companies have aligned the pages with each stage and determined where to place their CTA, they must decide which offer to align with which CTA.

Companies generally use analytics to determine among the different offers at their disposal which they should use.

How to identify the possible CTA for each stage

Companies should have a proper understanding of the different stages to determine the best offer.


Awareness can be considered as the starting point of the funnel. At this stage the customer is looking for information. Companies should at this place their focus on ensuring that they can answer the different sets of questions that the prospect might have. To do this, the company can provide them with tip sheets, e-books links, educational webinars, and so on.

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This is the stage where customer has become interested and is now viewing the different option that are available to them. During this stage the company can provide content that include buying guides, data sheets, and other things on the same line. These should gently nudge the prospect in the right direction.


This is the final stage of the sales funnel. At this stage prospects have not only processed, but also interacted and absorbed the content that have been provided in the previous stages. Companies should provide them content that will gently nudge them towards making a purchase. These can include testimonials, free trials, offers, coupons and other things in that line.

Design the web page, test it and analyze the results of the tests

At this stage companies must add the corresponding CTA to the respective pages. Many companies that do not already have CTA can either build it themselves or hire a designer to develop it for them.

Once the CTA are in place the companies must not forget about testing. This is because there are pages whose position in the sales process is not easy to determine. Only when they test and analyze the results can the companies determine whether they have to further optimize the pages or not.

Parting thoughts

The stages for the process can vary and so will the CTA. Companies can simplify the process by using their sales CRM instead of a spreadsheet.

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