Does bundling really save you money?

Internet isn’t cheap at all.

With the availability of the internet increasing day by day and our dependency on it: the prices of the internet are also reaching new heights. It almost feels impossible to cut down on internet bills now, along with that you have to pay your TV and phone bills too.

But there must be a way to save money on these inflating bills. asdfasdf

Well, the good news is there is a smart way.

When you bundle your home internet with TV along with phone service, you get an attractive bundle that costs you way less than what you would pay if you purchased each service separately. The term bundling usually refers to joining two or more packages together of multiple services and getting a single bundle at a discounted price.

You can get all the services you need for your home at one low monthly price if you get the right bundle like Spectrum TV Gold bundled with Spectrum Internet. This one package will cost you less than even $150 per month. You can enjoy 200+ channels and watch Live TV with the Spectrum TV app. Spectrum Double play Gold allows you to bundle up your internet service with TV and if you want to save even more you can add on the phone service in the package and make it a Triple Play Gold bundle.

Why you should consider bundling?

Who has the time to deal with the hassle of dealing with multiple service providers for each spate service? No one wants to go through all that. Bundles are not only a cost-effective option, but they are also extremely time-saving and stress-free.

If you have signed up for the right bundle you can save a lot of money on your monthly bills. Service providers also add in multiple offers to facilitate you to keep you as a loyal customer. Chances are that you might even get higher than the average internet speeds in a bundle deal. Channel line-up is also amazing in bundle deals.

The majority of the service providers including Spectrum, AT&T, Xfinity, and Cox are offering bundle packages as it is an attractive offer for customers to stick to their service too. Some of the service providers only offer Double play bundles that include your TV and internet service only while some also offer triple play bundles which include phone services along with TV and internet.

You can pick the bundle that suits your home requirements the best. If you’re not a fan of having separate phone services and you solely depend on your Internet connection for calling features then we recommend you go for a double play bundle offer.

Pros of Bundling:

  • Bundling comes with a lot of promotional offers like free installation, premium channels, premium programming, free equipment, and many more amazing deals.
  • Freedom from the stress of multiple bills at your door. You only have to pay one bill each month that covers all your home services.
  • Bundling offers a one-stop shop for everything you need. So it’s convenient to set up and install when you move, you only have to contact a single customer support service, and you can have all your services activated right away.
  • Easier service maintenance experience.
  • Bundling allows more value of money.

Does bundling always require a contractual agreement?

Most of the companies that are offering discounted bundles often require you to sign up a contractual agreement. And in case you want to end the contract earlier than the mentioned date, it will cost you an early termination fee for canceling the service.

However, there still are a few big names that offer bundle deals without having you sign up for any contracts. Like Spectrum that strictly sticks to its no-contract policy. All their bundle packages including spectrum Select, Silver, and Gold come without the hassle of signing up for a contract. You can cancel services at any time without fear of penalty.

Is there any downside of bundling TV, internet, and phone together?

Nothing is perfect ever and everything comes with a downside just like that there are a few drawbacks to bundling too. It offers unrequired add-ons, while some people will cherish those add-ons others might find them useless.

Most of the companies offer fixed bundles and do not make customized changes to them, so chances are that you might feel frustrated to pay for those extra channels you’re not even watching.

Bundles do come with a promotions price but in most cases, the promotional prices end after a certain period (a year or two) and you might face a surprising rate hike. Prices go up twice or thrice from the original price and it can get difficult for you to continue with that bundle.

As not to forget the contract commitments, as we have mentioned before the majority of the service provider will require you to sign up for a contract if you want to avail of bundle packages. But then again there also are a few in the market that don’t have such requirements. You only have to do your research and find that one service that won’t put you in that hassle.

Wrapping it up:

Considering all the pros and cons of bundling we think that overall bundling is a great option and you must go for one if you’re getting it from a reliable service provider delivering in your area. It can help you save a lot and cut down on your home service bills to some extent.

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