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Compelling Blogger Outreach Tools You Should Be Using

Blogger outreach is essential. When you work with bloggers, you’re getting word-of-mouth marketing as well as building links. You’re connecting with the specific niche of people who would be ideal customers for your business, and bloggers are excellent overall influencers. Influencers are the people who ultimately really do drive people to make purchasing decisions.

The following are some blogger outreach tools that simplify things, can you make you more productive and just have some cool features.


GMass is a good all-around email tool. With GMass, users can do pretty much anything email-related within Gmail. For example, they can extract email addresses and build lists, track opens and clicks, create reports, and schedule mass emails that they’ll send out later.

GMass is a Chrome extension that provides for deep personalization, but yet the ease of working within the already-familiar Gmail interface.


There is a free version of BuzzSumo, and it’s good for analyzing content, seeing what performs and also finding the influencers who will promote your content. According to BuzzSumo, brands using their tools and platform include HubSpot and Expedia.

Users say they love how simple the data is displayed, and how easy it is to use BuzzSumo. They also point out that it helps them see what content works well in their industry and niche, and quickly figure out who top influencers are.

BuzzSumo can help you find content on pretty much any topic and any niche, and even see how the content is being shared across platforms. Many of the features named above are only available in paid subscription plans and not the free version, however.


Epictions is another content discovery tool. You can use to quickly find the best-performing content within your niche or industry. You can then filter what you come up with to find only the most fitting types of content to help you steer your own content strategy.

The content curation tool is an auto-publish plugin. It pushes new content for your topics directly to your site. The content intelligence feature lets user look at things like themes, formatting, word count and popular days to publish based on particular audiences.

Influencer marketing is a way to find influencers not only on Twitter but across all social channels. You can sort and filter based on personas, followers and relevance.

Social Animal

Social Animal is a tool that claims to save you hours on the time you spend researching content every day.

The objective of social animal is to deliver deep insights to users. Social Animal features advanced data analytics so that you can see how a keyword has performed over time. It tracks millions of keywords and can help users determine when it would be good to publish, and how to put together content based on article lengths and titles that are going to be most impactful.

Search features allow for filtering by domain, keywords, published dates, shared dates, and other factors. You can also use multiple search criteria at one. There are features for influencer outreach, Facebook search, and competitor monitoring also.


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